Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) and Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) were left in peril in tonight's EastEnders (6th June) after being involved in a car crash.


The drama began when Linda set off on a trip to Watford with her daughter Nancy (Maddy Hill). Their time together was quickly derailed when Nancy confronted her mum for almost leaving Albert Square a few weeks ago, after boyfriend Zack Hudson (James Farrar) let slip that he caught her. But the pair are still unaware that Linda's near-exit was all down to Janine.

Linda and Janine EastEnders
Janine arrived to manipulate Linda in EastEnders BBC BBC

While this was unfolding, Janine was concerned that Linda intended to tell Nancy all about her role in conning Nancy out of her life savings. With Janine desperate not to lose Mick (Danny Dyer), she was surprised when Nancy arrived home alone. And when a drunken Linda called the pub saying she was stranded in her broken down car, Janine headed out to find her.

Determined to persuade Linda to keep her mouth shut, Janine managed to reach Linda and even brought someone with her to repair the car. She then got in the driver's seat, claiming she would drive Linda and baby Annie home.

As Linda continue to drink, she listened as Janine opened up over never having anything truly good in her life, and how her behaviour all stemmed from the absence of her father Frank (Mike Reid). But as Linda responded that she wanted Mick to be happy - but not with Janine - Janine shouted that Mick was hers now.

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Amid the chaos, Janine had to swerve to avoid an oncoming lorry, before losing control of the car and crashing into a tree. As debris from above began falling onto the car, will the pair be OK?

Janine has been involved in many deadly situations over the years - most of them also of her own doing. Will it lead to her demise this time?

And how about Linda? Will she survive this horrifying accident? And if she does, might it give her the wake up call she needs to commit to her recovery? Let's hope she gets that chance!

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