Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) was left numb with grief after she and Zack Hudson (James Farrar) said their final goodbyes to baby daughter Peach in tonight's EastEnders (6th March).


Giving birth last week after beginning the process of a termination, which Whit chose in order to save Peach from suffering with Edwards' syndrome, the pair remained at the hospital in the aftermath of the harrowing scenes - while the Walford locals planned to write messages of condolence.

Whitney soon began packing, telling Zack that she wanted to go home as soon as possible. Zack was surprised, but there was fresh shock in store when a kind nurse, Lynsey (Kathryn Bond) arrived with a memory box for them.

As Whit asked if they could collect Peach's birth certificate before they left, they were told that their baby was not legally recognised at 18 weeks, and so there would be no certificate.

Whitney fell silent, while Zack fumed over the news, and he walked out of the room, unable to cope with the situation.

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He found solitude at the hospital chapel, until a man, Elliott (Nikolas Salmon), arrived, announcing that he was about to become a dad for the fourth time.

As he revealed he was having a little girl, he asked Zack about his own circumstances, and Zack replied that he had just had a daughter. But as the upbeat Elliott became more and more chatty, Zack lost his temper as he blurted out that his daughter had died.

Meanwhile, Whitney broke down as she spoke with Lynsey, admitting that she didn't really want to leave. Lynsey offered words of comfort, and opened up about losing her baby son aged just 7 weeks old.

Her description of dealing with grief was moving, and she was able to connect with Whit; while Elliott listened to Zack's own painful confession and urged him to tell Whitney how he was feeling.

James Farrar as Zack Hudson and Shona McGarty as Whitney Dean in EastEnders.
James Farrar as Zack Hudson and Shona McGarty as Whitney Dean in EastEnders. BBC

When Zack returned to the room, he found Whitney holding baby Peach, and she asked if he wanted to join them. She offered to hand their daughter over to him, but he replied "she's happy with her mum".

Whitney and Zack imagined what Peach's future could have been, before saying a heartbreaking last goodbye to their girl.

Back on Albert Square, cab driver Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman) waived their fee, but put his foot in it when he insensitively told Whit she could always try again to have children.

In the gardens, Whitney and Zack sat together, and Zack reached out to her by continuing to imagine their daughter's life, before adding that he could see them having more kids together. But Whitney was unable to respond how Zack wanted, simply saying that she couldn't see anything.

McGarty and Farrar are delivering devastating performances in this storyline; but as Zack and Whitney's hearts have been broken, can the pair come together in their grief?

You can read more about Edwards' syndrome on the NHS website, or visit SOFT UK and Antenatal Results and Choices for help and support.

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