The villainous Graham Foster will be returning to EastEnders later this month.


The character, once again played by Alex McSweeney, was the seemingly sweet man in 2003 who went on to rape Little Mo Slater (Kacey Ainsworth) in the Queen Vic pub after she befriended him there.

In the aftermath, Little Mo found out that she was pregnant and decided to keep the baby, later giving birth to her son Freddie Slater, now played by Bobby Brazier.

However, this decision spelled the end of her marriage to Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) who felt unable to raise the son of the man who raped his wife.

In 2004, Graham was sentenced to eight years in prison. The character was last seen in January 2005 when Billy visited him in prison to deliver some harsh truths to him. Graham also revealed that Freddie had two sisters.

Now, later this month, Freddie will once again search for answers about his paternity, having previously believed that Billy was his father before discovering that he was not.

Yet, Little Mo – who remains off-screen – and her family the Slaters have decided to keep the truth about Freddie's father from him.

On returning to EastEnders, actor Alex McSweeney said: "I was grateful to be asked back to EastEnders to reprise the role of Graham Foster as I thought it was important for Freddie Slater to be given some answers about his dad.

"It was great to be back in Elstree and I thoroughly enjoyed working with the talented Bobby Brazier on these scenes."

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Clenshaw added: "It’s great to welcome Alex back to the role of Graham Foster for a short stint. Although we haven’t seen Graham for almost two decades, his character has been heavily linked to the show in the past year with the reintroduction of his son Freddie Slater, played by Bobby Brazier.

"We felt that it was important for Freddie to find out about the circumstances relating to his conception so he can understand and process the identity of his dad."

EastEnders has also been working alongside Rape Crisis to portray the storyline as sensitively and accurately as possible.

If in need of support, visit the website for Rape Crisis and also contact by calling Rape Crisis's 23/7 support line on 0808 500 2222.

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