Sharon Watts betrayed fiancé Keanu Taylor in Thursday's episode of EastEnders.


The iconic Walford heroine made a shocking decision in the latest instalment of the BBC One soap when she returned the stolen passports of Lisa Fowler (Lucy Benjamin) and Keanu's daughter, Peggy.

Keanu (Danny Walters) had done all he could to keep his access to daughter Peggy but she remains under the guardianship of her grandmother Lisa and lives with her and Peggy's mother Louise Mitchell in Portugal.

However, the drama surrounding Lisa's gambling addictions and blackmail of Keanu, left him convinced to try and keep Peggy in the country, resulting in him stealing Lisa and Peggy's passports.

In Thursday's episode, Lisa scrambled to find the passports in Sharon's house where she was staying, but Sharon quickly realised that Keanu was responsible and soon came across them in his jeans pockets.

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Keanu sought legal advice from former lawyer Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) and made plans to get a court order to force Lisa to stay in the country with Peggy while they sorted an access arrangement.

At Sharon's house, however, Lisa confronted Sharon and made clear she knew what Keanu was doing, but warned that his impatience to achieve access the right way was bad for Peggy's stability and also made it less likely that she and Louise would allow him access in light of this - and he would be unlikely to win custody via a court decision.

Danny Walters as Keanu Taylor and Lucy Benjamin as Lisa Fowler in EastEnders
Danny Walters as Keanu Taylor and Lucy Benjamin as Lisa Fowler in EastEnders BBC

Taking this information on board, Sharon enlisted Lisa's former brother-in-law and her friend Martin Fowler (James Bye) to assist her in helping Lisa and Peggy leave Walford.

As Keanu made his plans to try and keep Peggy in the UK, he was horrified to see Lisa and Peggy climbing into a black cab to leave Walford, realising they now had their passports back.

Keanu chased after the cab but collapsed in despair as he may have lost his daughter for good.

Letitia Dean as a troubled Sharon Watts in EastEnders.
Letitia Dean as a troubled Sharon Watts in EastEnders. BBC

Holding and comforting Keanu, Sharon looked burdened with guilt for helping Lisa leave Walford.

Has she made the right decision to help Keanu in the long run? And, if and when Keanu finds out the truth, what will it mean for their relationship?

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