The much-anticipated confrontation between Cindy Beale and Kathy Cotton took place on EastEnders tonight.


The BBC One soap opera has been building towards actress Michelle Collins to make her return to Albert Square as scheming Cindy Beale following her 'resurrection' earlier this year.

In Monday night's episode (28th August 2023), Cindy went rogue from the plans of her son Peter Beale (Thomas Law) and his father Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) by paying a visit to the Beale home and her former mother-in-law Kathy (Gillian Taylforth).

"Hello, Kathy," said a soft-spoken Cindy.

Kathy, busy preparing for an event at the Queen Vic, had to do a double take, flabbergasted as Cindy was "dead".

Cindy revealed that she's been in witness protection, but Kathy barely believed her, accusing her of lying.

"I thought it was too good to be true, you dying in childbirth," declared Kathy of Cindy's apparent death in 1998 giving birth to Cindy Williams Jr., and told Cindy that she wasn't welcome in Walford - dead or alive.

Cindy then dropped the bombshell on Kathy that she had reconciled with Ian and was living with him in France.

Explaining that she reconnected with Ian a year ago amid their mutual grief for dead children Steven and Lucy Beale, Cindy revealed they had been living with Peter for the last six months.

Kathy slams Cindy's actions as a mother and accuses her former daughter-in-law of scheming with Peter to steal Cindy's money, calling Cindy a "money-grabbing little tart".

Cindy admitted that Peter had given her money, but that it was only a loan and that Peter wanted to make amends with her.

While Cindy argued that Kathy should be happy to have Ian and Peter back in their lives, Kathy revealed she would be happier if they were both in prison rather than living with "some evil, scheming, manipulative b***h" like Cindy.

Gillian Taylforth as a shocked Kathy Cotton wearing purple in EastEnders.
Gillian Taylforth as a shocked Kathy Cotton in EastEnders. BBC

In response, Cindy accused Kathy of hypocrisy by mentioning Kathy's own "sabbatical in South Africa" - referencing when Kathy faked her own death from 2006 to 2015.

Kathy defended her own actions by noting that she had been in an abusive relationship, referencing her time with her evil husband Gavin Sullivan (Paul Nicholas).

Yet, Cindy argued that Kathy was acting "holier than thou" when she was selfish and had put herself first, also making a dig that Kathy's son Ben Mitchell (now played by Max Bowden) had turned out to be a "psycho" thanks to Kathy's absence.

In response, Kathy gave Cindy a slap around the face but soon had the same returned in response.

Michelle Collins as Cindy Beale after being slapped by Gillian Taylforth as Kathy Cotton in EastEnders.
Kathy Cotton (Gillian Taylforth, right) slapped Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins, left) for her remarks. BBC

Kathy then shoved Cindy and she fell backwards on a side table, knocking a framed photo of Lucy Beale to the ground and smashing the frame.

The sobering moment prompted some peace between the pair as Cindy spoke of her regret for not being there for Lucy and Kathy revealed she felt the same.

After this, Cindy asks Kathy about Cindy Williams Jr. (last played by Mimi Keene), with Kathy revealing that she sends her Christmas cards but does not have much contact with her, but knows Cindy Jr. is happily living in Germany with Ricky Butcher (Sid Owen) and his son and Cindy Jr.'s partner Liam Butcher (last played by Alfie Duggan).

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Cindy confirmed that she had not made contact with her oldest surviving daughter, having never known her after giving birth to her, and noting that Cindy Jr. was not on good terms with Peter, either.

Michelle Collins as Cindy Beale in EastEnders.
Michelle Collins as Cindy Beale in EastEnders, back in the Beale house. BBC

Finally, Kathy begrudgingly accepted an offer of help from Cindy to help transport food over to the Queen Vic but they were interrupted when Peter appeared and Kathy sent Cindy away so she could talk to her grandson who has some grovelling to do after previously stealing her money.

The action is set to continue tomorrow as Ian arrives in a taxi just as Cindy comes face to face with her husband from her time in witness protection - George Knight (Colin Salmon).

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