Fans of EastEnders were shocked tonight (29th August 2023) when fan-favourite character, Arthur "Fatboy" Chubb (played by Ricky Norwood) made an appearance on screens.


He was a part of a 2014 flashback which filled in the real reason Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) left husband George Knight (Colin Salmon) all those years ago - where she unexpectedly bumped into Fatboy.

Speaking about the special scene, Norwood told "I was absolutely thrilled to be asked by Chris Clenshaw to reprise the role of Fatboy for a flashback scene in tonight's episode.

"Being back in the Square felt like coming home and it was so lovely to see old friends and new faces - but of course I missed not having Mrs B there."

Speaking about sharing the scene with iconic Cindy, Norwood added: "Working with Michelle Collins was surreal and I'm so delighted I got the call to be a part of Cindy's big return."

Fans will remember that Fatboy was last seen on the BBC soap back in 2015, when he was mistakenly kidnapped by henchmen who were working for Ronnie Mitchell (Samantha Womack).

While locked in the boot of a car, he met a grisly end when the car was plunged into a car crusher.

EastEnders viewers wondered if he was still alive during Dot Branning's (June Brown) funeral.

Ricky Norwood as Fatboy in EastEnders
Ricky Norwood as Fatboy in EastEnders. BBC/Jack Barnes

While Reiss was going through cards he'd received, the camera lingered on one to "Mrs B" - a nickname only Fatboy used.

While it seems Fatboy's full-time return hasn't been confirmed just yet, fans were definitely delighted to see him back on screens tonight nevertheless.

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