Lola Pearce-Brown confirmed that she is dying to her daughter Lexi in an emotional EastEnders tonight.


After previously wishing to keep some hope alive for her daughter, Lola (Danielle Harold) decided that it was time for her to be honest with Lexi (Isabella Brown) and confirm that her brain tumour is terminal and she will die soon.

In the morning after Lexi got ready for school, Lola sat Lexi down to speak honestly with her, accompanied by her husband Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) and Lexi's father Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden).

Lola then tearfully confirmed to Lexi that she had wanted to preserve Lexi's happiness and also her own hopes of recovery, but knew now that she had to be honest with her daughter.

However, Lexi initially reacted by feeling betrayed as Lola had lied to her, asking instead to go to school immediately.

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Later, Ben picked an emotional Lexi up from school and as she sat in the playground near The Arches contemplating her mother's mortality, she was approached by a stranger, Emma Harding (Patsy Kensit), who unbeknownst to Lexi is her grandmother.

As Lexi explained that her mother lied to her, Emma suggested that perhaps Lola was trying to protect her and reassured Lexi that her mother loves her before leaving.

Finally, Lexi returned home and embraced Lola, aware of her mother's love, who remained emotional over the situation when speaking with Jay.

Isabella Brown as Lexi Pearce being spoken to by an emotional Danielle Harold as Lola Pearce-Brown in EastEnders.
Danielle Harold as Lola Pearce-Brown speaking to Isabella Brown as Lexi Pearce in EastEnders. BBC

The hard-hitting scenes certainly hit home for fans of the BBC One soap opera who were left emotional by the scenes portrayed by Danielle Harold and Isabella Brown.

One fan of the BBC One soap penned: "The scene with Lola breaking the news to Lexi that her cancer is terminal absolutely broke me."

They added: "Danielle Harold is a truly incredible actress and will be such a great loss to Eastenders but I can’t imagine someone better to portray this storyline & do it justice."

"This Lola storyline is KILLING me," tweeted another EastEnders viewer.

Meanwhile, one viewer commented: "My Gosh @DHaroldOfficial is smashing this story as a BT Survivor this is such a hard watch but dealt with with such sensitivity Dan and Jamie deserve to win all the awards coming their way x."

Finally, one EastEnders fan concluded: "The girl who plays Lexie on Eastenders is such amazing actress. Her future is going be a big."

Lola's story will continue this week as she comes face-to-face with her mother Emma who has booked an appointment with Lola at the salon under the name "Nicole".

Patsy Kensit as Emma Harding in EastEnders.
Patsy Kensit as Emma Harding in EastEnders. BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Next week, Emma will have a mighty bombshell to drop on her daughter but is Lola ready to hear what her mother has to say?

Executive producer Chris Clenshaw has explained the decision to kill off the beloved character, so these scenes are sure to continue to tug at our heartstrings.

EastEnders is working closely with Brain Tumour Research and Macmillan Cancer Support on Lola's storyline, and you can find help and support by visiting the above websites.

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