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EastEnders confirms Keanu and Louise reunion - will she reveal she's still pregnant?

And what about the rumour that Sharon is also expecting his baby?

Published: Monday, 10th June 2019 at 7:01 pm

Doomed EastEnders lovers Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) and Louise Mitchell (Tilly Keeper) will rekindle their roller coaster romance when the smitten teen races to stop the muscly mechanic from leaving Walford and the pair reunite.


In scenes airing on Monday 10th June, Lou gets wind of the fact her old flame has decided to move away and put the pain of their break-up behind him, as he continues to struggle with her decision to abort their child – except the Taylor totty doesn't realise his schoolgirl ex never went through with the termination and is still pregnant.

Realising she still has feelings for the fittie, Louise dashes to the tube station and catches him just in time. Following an emotional heart-to-heart the pair share a passionate kiss and decide to give their relationship another go.

EastEnders are remaining tight-lipped as to whether Lou confesses she is still carrying their kid as a way of keeping him in the Square, but it certainly looks like they've got their happy ever after for now.

However, storm clouds are on the horizon with the rumour that Louise's stepmum Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) is soon to discover she too is pregnant by Keanu, who she has had a secret on/off affair with for almost a year.


The lusty pair had a hook-up for the first time in months recently when Shaz comforted her toy boy over his hurt at Louise's abortion, not realising at that point she had decided against it.

With Lou and Keanu an item again, and the teenager's pregnancy progressing, what chaotic impact would a potential pregnancy from Sharon have? And how would Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) react if he knew his employee had bedded both is wife and daughter?


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