EastEnders is said to be lining up yet another twist in the love triangle between Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean), Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) and Louise Mitchell (Tilly Keeper) when cougar Shaz discovers she is pregnant after the recent rekindled romp with her toy boy, shortly after learning stepdaughter Lou never went through with aborting her and Keanu's baby.


Has the mechanic got both Mitchell women up the duff-duff?

On Friday 31st May Sharon reels when traumatised teen Louise confides in her stepmum that she is still carrying Keanu's kid, despite telling everyone she had a termination.

Guilty Sharon reels from the news, knowing Keanu was driven back into her arms for a one-off hook-up as she comforted him through his hurt at Lou getting rid of their child.

Phil finally finds out that his precious little girl is expecting and on Monday 3rd June unhelpfully demands she has an abortion, and even offers to pay for it – but Louise's mind is made up, she is determined to keep the baby but doesn't want Keanu involved…


When does Sharon find out she's pregnant? Who is the father?

According to The Sun, Sharon finds out she is pregnant later this summer and is horrified when she calculates her dates and realises there could be a question mark over the paternity, throwing a 'Who's the daddy?' element into the messy mix.

Reports claim the truth comes spilling out to Phil who is set to go on the rampage at the double shock his trusted young sidekick has possibly knocked up both his daughter and his wife. Although Phil could feasibly be the father…

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Sharon recently confided in Louise that her fertility issues, stemming from aborting ex-husband Grant Mitchell's (Ross Kemp) baby, saw her struggle to conceive before having Dennis in 2006.

Now 48, falling pregnant later in life may also throw up dramatic fodder for Sharon.

Keanu and Sharon's scandalous on/off fling began in summer 2018 and has been dubbed the 'next Sharongate', referring to EastEnders' classic love triangle between Sharon and the Mitchell boys in the 1990s which peaked when the blonde's fling with her brother-in-law was revealed to a packed Queen Vic on a recorded confession played to a pub full of punters.

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