Sharon and Keanu reignited their secret affair in EastEnders on Tuesday 14th May when they got passionate in the Arches. The pair were seen ripping each other's clothes off in the cliffhanger scene, with Keanu unaware that Louise is still pregnant with his baby.


The illicit tryst is sure to infuriate those fans who have already branded Sharon "a snake" on social media for taking Louise to an abortion clinic in Monday's episode of the BBC1 soap. As for Keanu - just how will he react should he discover that Louise never actually had the termination after all?

Why did Sharon and Keanu reunite?

Sharon ended up being a shoulder to cry on when Keanu was lied to by Louise when she told him that she was no longer pregnant. As Keanu drowned his sorrows in the Queen Vic, Sharon swooped in to help and did her best to support him. But when Keanu stormed off, Sharon later tracked him down to the Arches.


With tensions rising, Sharon admitted that she'd been struggling to stay away from Keanu since his return from Spain. After the pair revealed that they loved each other, one thing ended up leading to another...

Spoilers: does Ben catch them together?

Sharon and Keanu will be forced to act quickly on Thursday's episode when Ben turns up unexpectedly at the garage and catches the two of them looking very suspicious. Thinking that something must be going on, Ben questions Sharon, but she is dismissive of Keanu.

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It does look as though Sharon's efforts are convincing because Ben ends up offering Keanu a job. But is Phil's son giving Keanu employment just so he can keep a close eye on him? We certainly wouldn't put it past him!

Spoilers: Ben and Keanu will come to blows!

Since his return, Ben has become worried that Keanu is trying supplant him as heir to the Mitchell empire. Getting increasingly concerned that Keanu is trying to be a son to Phil, Ben ends up sending his rival a mask of is own face through the post.

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As the animosity builds, Keanu and Ben will be seen fighting it out in scenes to be shown on Monday 20 May. On this occasion, the fracas is halted by Billy and Lola. But surely is only round one of what's bound to be a long-running feud?


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