Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) is just trying to make ends meet to leave his family in the best financial situation possible in Coronation Street.


With his motor neurone disease progressing, time is running out for him - as is his cash.

Gemma's wedding, incoming costs to support him when his MND starts to affect his mobility and onwards.

In tonight's Coronation Street episode (3rd May 2023), Paul agreed to take on another job for Niall, promising it would go right this time.

He deceived Dee-Dee and Billy who were keen to hang out with him, but the clever lawyer was on to Paul and followed him to his latest job.

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Getting in a fancy car, Paul was about to drive off when Dee-Dee knocked on the window and told him to get out.

Paul was insistent - he was doing the job for the sake of his family, insisting he was actually a good person and wasn't going to harm anyone with his crime.

But Dee-Dee remained resolved and told Paul no crime was victimless, and as her lawyer she couldn't and wouldn't look away.

Paul drove off, but it wasn't long before he returned having bottled the job.

While it was good news that he chose the morally correct path today, he still had Damon to contend with as he stormed to him, a man without anything to lose.

He demanded £25k on the spot, threatening to destroy him in the process, but nasty Damon barely flinched.

At the end of the episode, Damon appeared at Paul's door and wanted to let him know he can't be messed with.

Walking off, Damon took a phone call from Niall, insisting Paul isn't anyone to worry about -but to be sure, he'll be taught a lesson.

Will Paul be OK?

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