It's sure to be another explosive week on Coronation Street as Sarah's liaisons with Damon get her in a spot of bother.


With her secret threatening to come out, will Adam find out what she's been up to?

And Ryan is in a troubling time with his health - but will a genuine concern also expose Daisy's deception?

Read on for your essential Coronation Street spoilers for Monday 8th - Friday 12th May 2023.

1. Sarah's caught in the act?

Coronation Street: Sarah is caught

Sarah has been dancing with the devil on Coronation Street as Damon sinks his claws into her. The villain has been chasing her for weeks and while it's clear there's a spark between them, it's nothing special. This week, Sarah overhears Dee-Dee and Beth gossiping about Damon's black eye and she calls in to see him in the Bistro. While alone, Damon can't help himself and kisses her - and Sarah actually kisses him back, before they head into the office for a moment of passion. But when Adam and Dee-Dee need entry to the Bistro for a licence query, they find the place locked. Wondering where Damon could be, they enlist Nick and Sarah to open up for them. Damon and Sarah freeze, fearing the worst. Is their secret about to come out?

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2. Is Ryan falling for Daisy?

Coronation Street: Daisy and Ryan

Daisy is continuing her lie with Ryan and almost to make up for it, starts spending a lot more time with him - something that isn't unnoticed by Daniel. But when Ryan suffers from excruciating pain, it's Crystal he turns to, hoping his love interest will be there for him. Though as we all know, Daisy is on the other end of the phone, and she ignores the call.

Later in the week, she's almost busted when she admits she wants to take a step back from Ryan, but when she heads round to chat to him, is distressed when Ryan says he wants to call Crystal. Out of the room, Daisy adopts her best Crystal impression and tries to put him off by saying she's not into club music - she much prefers country. However, Ryan is keen to make things work with her and Daisy's alarmed when Ryan leaves her a voicemail saying he's going to book tickets out to Ibiza to see her. When Daisy and Ryan next chat, she does her best to put him off the idea and the pair share a nice afternoon together, complete with a pint in the Rovers. It's clear there's more than meets the eye between these two as they share a loving look.

3. Ryan's condition worsens

Coronation Street: Ryan

After his lovely time with Daisy, Ryan's back at the flat and refusing visitors. However, he is becoming increasingly unwell and is sick in the bathroom. Daisy shares her concerns about Ryan and what she's doing to Jenny, but the latter insists Daisy is doing the right thing. When she goes to text him again, Daisy realises she's left her spare phone at home and rushes to get it.

At the same time, Ryan is in a bad way and calls Crystal only to leave a message. He slowly drifts into unconsciousness and it's clear something's wrong. Will Ryan be OK? And will Daisy discover him?

4. Daniel intervenes with Max

Coronation Street: Max

Daniel is teaching Max and is taken-aback when he discovers a heart-rending video from the youngster in a video diary he made. Confiding in Ken, Daniel insists he wants to be there for the young lad and help him get his life back on track. Daniel tries to have a quiet word with Max about the footage in class, but the teen is coy and refuses to open up. Max's classmate is quick to accuse him of being too pally with Daniel, so the troubled teen goes out of his way to disturb the lesson, to Daniel's dismay.

In order to try and make a connection with Max, Daniel finds Daisy's spare phone and records his own message on it, encouraging the teen to do the same thing if there's something bothering him. Giving him the phone, Max considers what to do next. However, later on he stumbles on the voice-note Ryan leaves for Crystal and senses danger for poor Ryan...

5. Fiz leaves the cobbles

Fiz leaves Coronation Street.

Stephen offers an exciting role of a new supervisor role, but the only snag is it's based in Norwich. While Beth is initially keen, it's Fiz who Stephen offers the job to, revealing it's double the salary she's on now. Tyrone can see it's a great opportunity and encourages her to take it. As she packs her bags, Izzy and Kirk offer Fiz their support while Evelyn and the girls wave her off as Tyrone drives her to the station.

6. Paul gets more bad news

Coronation Street Paul Foreman is diagnosed with MND

Things go from bad to worse for Paul who's trying to enjoy the time he has left with his family. He's devastated to learn he has to be in court for sentencing the day before Gemma's wedding, knowing he runs the risk of missing her big day. What will the outcome be?

7. Amy struggles to move on

Coronation Street: Amy, Summer and Aadi

Summer decides to invite Aadi and Amy to Billy's Eurovision party, but Amy has some hopeful news - she has a date with Ezra, a boy off her course. Amy is understandably nervous about it while Summer helps her get ready... will she meet up with him? Later on, she spots Aaron kissing a girl in Victoria Gardens and feels sickened to the core that he can move on so easily after the assault.

Amy tells Summer what she saw, and it's soon clear that Aaron is back with his ex, Mia. His former flame later shows him a text he got from Amy, telling her he's bad news - how will Aaron react?

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