Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) suppressed his hurt and anger after learning that his fiancée, Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan), had slept with Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) in tonight's Coronation Street (6th December 2023).


After previously hearing that Ryan had confessed he was in love with Daisy, Daniel continued to be suspicious of Ryan.

So when Daniel's nephew, Simon Barlow (Alex Bain), offered to keep an eye on Ryan's behaviour as they lived in the same flat, Daniel took him up on this.

Meanwhile, with Ryan now dating Crystal Hyde (Erin Austen), she noticed when Ryan blanked Daisy in the café, unaware that the pair had agreed to keep their distance from one another.

When Crystal asked Daisy outright if something was going on with Ryan, she lied that there wasn't, and encouraged Crystal to go for it with Ryan.

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Ryan told Simon he was going to film an audition for a social media job for a local gym, while he mulled over Crystal's invitation to move to Glasgow with him. Simon left, and Ryan's recording was interrupted when Daisy called round.

With the camera still rolling, Ryan and Daisy openly discussed their fling, and Daisy urged him to move on as he admitted that he was struggling to ignore his love for her.

Simon returned, and Daisy left the flat. But when Ryan headed out too, Simon spotted his phone with the recording light still on.

Outside, Daisy and Ryan continued their conversation and said a poignant goodbye. But little did they know that Simon had watched the footage and sent it straight to Daniel, who watched it and was devastated to hear that Daisy had cheated.

He stormed over to the flat to confront Ryan, only to find Simon home alone. Daniel was shaken as he confided his hurt and anger, but although Simon seemed to believe that Daisy had slept with Ryan just the once, Daniel was conflicted over what to do - especially when he returned home to see Daisy lovingly caring for his young son Bertie.

Without giving away his discovery, Daniel sat watching the recording of Ryan and Daisy talking over and over, until he was even more wound up.

At the Bistro, Ryan realised that his footage had captured the truth, and rushed home to check that Simon was none the wiser.

Simon, too, pretended that everything was fine, and Ryan assumed that all was well. But Daniel ventured out for some air and spotted Ryan.

During a brief greeting, Daniel's body remained tense as he played nice - but what will he do next?

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