Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) ended her affair with Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) in tonight's Coronation Street (1st November 2023).


But her fiancé Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) closed in on their secret.

As the ITV soap continued, Daisy lied to Daniel that her estranged mother, Christina (Amy Robbins), had invited her out for drinks, so she would be staying at her place that night.

But actually, Daisy planned to spend the night at a hotel with Ryan, who was desperate to have her to himself.

As Daniel poured scorn over Christina's past behaviour and praised Daisy's motherly role in his young son Bertie's life, Daisy's guilt intensified.

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She ended up confessing all to step-mum Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews), telling her she was torn as she loved both Ryan and Daniel.

Jenny advised Daisy to choose between the two men, and Daisy took her words on board.

Meanwhile, Ryan told pal Debbie Webster (Sue Devaney) what he was planning, and while she urged caution, she offered Ryan a better deal for a suite at her hotel.

But when Daniel found Daisy's phone charger and called Christina to pass on a message to Daisy, and Christina barely managed to play along, his suspicions got the better of him.

Hearing Ryan getting a cab to Debbie's hotel, Daniel became convinced Ryan was meeting Daisy, and headed there himself.

Little did he know that, at the hotel, Daisy was telling Ryan that she didn't feel right about carrying on with him behind Daniel's back, so their secret relationship had to end.

They were interrupted by the sound of Daniel's voice in the corridor, and could only listen as they hoped they wouldn't be caught out.

Daniel was thrown out for wandering the hotel, while Daisy realised just how deep the mistrust ran between her and Daniel.

She made it clear to Ryan that they were over, and Ryan left the hotel, while Daisy decided to stay the night alone and get her head together.

Ryan arrived at the Bistro, where Daniel looked on with a face like thunder. He accosted Ryan and began quizzing him on his night at the hotel, and Ryan denied being with Daisy.

Daniel was only stopped in his tracks when Debbie stepped in to tell him that Ryan had been there doing some repairs at the hotel.

Daniel apologised, going home to call Daisy. Forced to admit she was in a hotel when Daniel overheard background noise, Daisy lied that she had fallen out with her mum.

But Daniel clearly didn't believe her, and we know that, whatever Daisy says right now, her feelings for Ryan won't be going away.

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