Following Casualty's dramatic paramedic special, many viewers will be wondering what's coming next on the long-running drama.

Executive producer of Casualty, Jon Sen, has opened up on the future of the series, speaking about how it will air in miniseries from now on.

Talking exclusively to, Sen explained how these miniseries will feature one main storyline with a few others weaved in subtly.

The paramedic storyline closed up Jan's (Di Botcher) arc, and the next one will turn to Dylan (William Beck).

"We're doing a Dylan story from the next episode after the paramedic special," Sen confirmed. "We begin a new story about him spotting abuse within the community and how he goes about solving that.

"Then we have some new joiners. In the next miniseries, we've got four new junior nurses joining fresh-faced. That miniseries is called 'Welcome to the Warzone'. And we will watch them as they join and then really grapple with what it is to work in an ICU hospital."

Explaining more about the miniseries format, Sen said: "It carries on like that. We hope we're giving the audience both serial drama in terms of hooks and long-term story.

"It's still the same characters, we're not changing our characters week in week out. The story arcs are very much crafted around 12-episode journeys."

Additional reporting by Lewis Knight.

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