Warning: Spoilers for The Lazarus Project season 1 ahead.


It's finally almost time for The Lazarus Project to return for season 2 - and it seems we've got even more twists in store than ever before.

Season 1 saw Paapa Essiedu's George enlisted by The Lazarus Project, an organisation attempting to save the world from extinction-level events by turning back time, before causing a whole bunch of world-ending chaos to save the life of his girlfriend Sarah (Charly Clive).

That was all before the final scenes of the season showed the world caught in a devastating time-loop, with Sarah joining the team, so now George is on a mission for redemption - and to save the world.

Chatting exclusively to RadioTimes.com about what we can expect, writer Joe Barton teased a big surprise to come at the end of season 2, explaining: "Season 2 is quite a big game-changer, I would say!

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"Without giving too much away, it's more of a character-based twist."

Paapa Essiedu as George in The Lazarus Project wearing a stripy shirt, grey hoodie and brown jacket
Paapa Essiedu as George in The Lazarus Project. Alistair Heap/Sky UK

Anjli Mohindra, who stars as Archie, also added that she's been "massively" surprised by the show's twists, referring to the realisation that Janet (Vinette Robinson) was actually sent back in time at the end of season 1.

She added: "You get your head round it and it all makes sense – it's like when you play a video game, you go back to the same point, and then suddenly, there's this whole new thing that completely throws everything you thought about the show out the window.

"I think that's great, because you do sometimes feel with these shows that they start to become predictable, but I feel like the rug was pulled out [from under] our feet every episode.

"As cast, it felt like we were constantly kept on our toes, and I like that. I think the audience will love that part of it."

With a new trailer for season 2 now out and the release date confirmed, it's time to start getting excited.

Plus, we've got some new faces joining the fray, in the form of Royce Pierreson (The Witcher, The Irregulars), Colin Salmon (Resident Evil, EastEnders) and more.

Just what their roles will involve remains to be seen.

Additional reporting by Morgan Jeffery.

The Lazarus Project returns for season 2 on 15th November. Season 1 is available to watch now via Sky and NOW sign up for Sky TV here.

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