The rumours are true! Miriam Margolyes has been confirmed as the voice behind Beep the Meep in Doctor Who.


The actress will appear in the upcoming 60th anniversary specials, which will air this November, and will voice the iconic creature - which was adapted from The Star Beast comic strip.

Margolyes said in a statement: "I’m relieved I got to work on Doctor Who before I died. With sci-fi, you never know. Thank you for making an old woman very happy."

Plot details are slowly starting to emerge for the specials, with The Star Beast director Rachel Talalay previously speaking about some of the monsters set to make a return alongside David Tennant's Fourteenth Doctor.

She told Doctor Who Magazine of the maddest moment while filming: "I think, for me, it was when we were filming outside with the Wrarth Warriors for the first time.

"There are these eight-foot-tall monsters on stilts, in massive plastic suits, who couldn’t see a thing and could barely stand up... so a classic Doctor Who situation.

"Then David comes along and says he wants a photograph with them. And he says, 'That smell – that slightly rubbery smell is exactly everything I remember!' And I just thought, 'It’s amazing that this is my job.'"

Beep the Meep
Beep the Meep. BBC

The Wrarth Warriors acted as a police force specifically created to deal with the Meeps - so it seems our pal Beep is in trouble.

Plenty of plot details are still being kept under wraps, but we do know that Neil Patrick Harris will also be appearing, with many fans speculating that he'll play the Celestial Toymaker.

Plus, the powers that be have recently been giving us some very cryptic hints about what's set to come.

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