A new picture behind-the-scenes of Doctor Who has been shared with fans and it might just back up a long-standing fan theory about the 60th anniversary specials.


In the lead-up to the anniversary, out of context shots of the upcoming specials are being shared on social media, with the most recent one showing a carving of a sad clown image. So what's the significance?

Details about the plot are being kept under wraps and, although it's been confirmed that Neil Patrick Harris will star alongside the returning David Tennant and Catherine Tate, his character has not been revealed.

However, many fans have theorised that he'll be taking on the role of the classic character the Celestial Toymaker. The Toymaker first appeared in 1966, separating William Hartnell's First Doctor from his companions and forcing them to play childish games before being they could return to the TARDIS.

As part of those games, the Toymaker used two clowns as his pawns - so it seems within the realms of possibility that the clown in the carving could be a reference to the classic villain.

Many fans certainly seem to think so, sharing photos of the clowns used by the Toymaker in response, with one fan writing on Twitter, which was recently rebranded to X: "The Celestial Toymaker is coming…"

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Another added: "Toymaker Toymaker Toymaker."

Harris, who has been pictured on set in a top hat and tails, has kept tight-lipped on his role but told Variety's podcast Just for Variety with Marc Malkin: "I get a text from Russell T Davies saying, 'So I'm doing this thing and I've written a thing and there's a part in it that you might like. I think it's delicious. Is it OK if I send it to you?'

"And I say, 'Of course Russell, you're Russell T Davies. Of course.' And he sent it and I started reading it and from the very, very first scene I was like, 'Ah, this is delicious.'"

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