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David Tennant and Catherine Tate talk about their return to Doctor Who in exclusive new video

The Tenth Doctor and Donna are back in three brand new audio dramas from Big Finish – so how does it feel to be back?

Published: Sunday, 8th May 2016 at 3:30 pm

The Doctor and Donna are back!


Big Finish are set to release three brand new Doctor Who audio dramas featuring David Tennant and Catherine Tate, and now we have an exclusive new video from the actors themselves telling us what to expect.

The all-new episodes are set to be released on 16th May. Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Adventures will be available from the Big Finish website, but amidst all the excitement about the Doctor and Donna's return, how well do they actually remember their characters?

"It's a bit like riding a bike," says Tate in the new video. "It's a character that you didn't think you were going to necessarily play again, but she's in there and you happily bring her out," before Tennant chimes in, "Dust her down!"

Watch David Tennant and Catherine Tate talk about returning to Doctor Who below

Tennant meanwhile still has a vivid idea of what it's like to go face to face with Donna as the Doctor. "I'd say [she's] bolshy," he laughs, "It's a step on from feisty."

So what should we expect from the new episodes? Tennant is particularly excited by Death and the Queen, the third episode in the three-part series.

"It's in quite a heightened fairytale world. You think it's going to be almost a rather farcical story, that actually goes to some quite bleak places," he explains.

Doctor Who may be timeless, but from the sound of it the post-Who years haven't been quite as kind to Tennant and Tate: "People have started saying that to me. 'Oh I grew up with you as Doctor Who!' I'm thinking, 'It was only the other day I was doing it, what are you talking about?'"

"We're on audio now, they can't see how much we've aged," Tate says consolingly. Um, except, this is a video interview. Sorry Catherine.

"Turn that camera off!" says Tennant. Oh well, if you insist... Still, it's nice to see you together again.


Doctor Who: the Tenth Doctor Adventures will be released on 16th May on the Big Finish website


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