The latest episode of The Book of Boba Fett had more of the series’ trademark Tusken flashbacks – but that wasn’t the only way it was looking into the past.


Blink and you’d miss it, but there was a very subtle (and exciting) cameo hidden in the second episode for a character who’s never actually appeared in live-action, but has plenty of fans from his time in various Star Wars comics.

Even if you didn’t know his background, you’d be sure to have noticed him onscreen – he was the Wookiee enforcer hired by the Hutt twins, who Boba (Temuera Morrison) dismissively described as a “gladiator” who wouldn’t intimidate him.

It’s pretty rare to see Wookiees apart from Chewbacca in live-action Star Wars, let alone a Wookiee antagonist, so there’ll be plenty of viewers wondering what his story is.

And happily, thanks to the comics, we already know.

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Who is Black Krrsantan?

It seems that the Wookiee in question is none other than Black Krrsantan, an ex-gladiator (hence Boba’s jibe) who was cast out by his people and later became one of the most ruthless, vicious bounty hunters out there.

In the comics, he’s hired by Jabba the Hutt a couple of times (leading to a fight with Obi-Wan Kenobi once) which explains why he may have moved on to work with Jabba’s cousins. Intriguingly, he was also hired by Darth Vader at one stage and worked alongside Boba Fett himself, giving the pair a bit of history which could play out onscreen.

It being the comics, Krrsantan (nicknamed Santy, Black K or BK) has run into plenty of main Star Wars characters (including Han Solo and Chewie), so he has a bit more of a pedigree than you might think.

For his fans, it’s certainly exciting to see him in live-action with so close a recreation – look closely and you can see the markings on his belts match exactly with his on-page appearance. He's aged a little, but who hasn't?

Whether this is just a fun nod for fans (like the Pyke aliens who also appeared in the episode, previously seen running spice in the Clone Wars series and Solo: A Star Wars Story) or a more significant character for Book of Boba Fett remains to be seen.

Black Krrsantan might just be a fun Easter egg who stands menacingly in the background of scenes (the new Boba Fett, basically) or he might have a bigger part to play. Personally, we’re hoping for an action scene at least.

But either way, it’s another bit of fan service that we can totally get behind. And who knows? Maybe this opens the door to other recent Star Wars comics characters making an appearance in future live-action projects. Paging Doctor Aphra…

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