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Best Doctor Who merchandise and gifts to buy

From stylish attire to sonic screwdrivers.

Doctor Who

We may be suffering through a break when it comes to new Doctor Who episodes, but that does mean we can’t treat ourselves to some Doctor Who related products.


The show is expected back later this year with John Bishop joining the now smaller TARDIS crew and while we wait for any new information, we have scoured the web to find some of the best Doctor Who merchandise out there.

So read on to see what we have found with books, alarm clocks and bags – all plastered with Doctor Who references and designs that you, or a fellow Whovian, is sure to love.

Best merchandise and gifts for Doctor Who fans

Retro Comic Large Zipped Padded Satchel Messenger Shoulder Bag 

Best for: Looking super stylish while out and about.

doctor who bag

If you are a fan of classic Doctor Who and you fancy getting yourself something retro, this is the bag for you! While the images and words featured apply to modern Who too, there is no denying the ’80s vibe that this gives off and it is already a must-own for us – when we have an excuse to leave the house wearing it that is.

This is also a great talking point for Doctor Who fans with all the references that are featured relating to characters and villains from over the years.

Buy the Retro Comic Large Zipped bag at Amazon

Doctor Who TARDIS Digital Projection Alarm Clock 

Best for: Waking up and telling the time in style

doctor who alarm clock

Wake up every morning to your very own mini TARDIS with this alarm clock modelled from one of the best time and space machines out there. Even better is that it projects the time onto your wall with a cool little Doctor Who logo – a great gift for children, and adults too if we’re being honest.

Considering that we all need an alarm clock, whether we like it or not, you may as well get one that is fun and will remind you of your favourite show every time it wakes you up.

Buy the TARDIS Digital Projection Alarm Clock at Amazon

Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit Bitesize Game

Best for: Those who think they are experts in the field of Doctor Who.

doctor who trivial pursuit

Think you have what it takes to be crowned the Doctor Woo knowledge champion amongst your friends and family? Well if so, pick up this Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit game and put your money where your mouth is – and it’s small enough to take away with you too!

There is a good mix of questions here too. Some are simple and won’t require too much thinking, while others may prove to be tricky for even the most hardened Doctor Who fans around. So, if you think that you know more about the show than all your friends do, put it to the test and pick this up to play.

Buy Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit at Amazon

Doctor Who Inspired Police Box Hoodie

Best for: Doctor Who fans who like showing off their love for the show in comfort.

tardis hoodie

This TARDIS-inspired hoodie comes in a variety of sizes that range from being small enough for a child to an XL.

It comes with a front pocket to store things in as you walk around and is made from material that is designed to keep you warm. A great purchase for Doctor Who and hoodie fans!

Buy the Police Box inspired hoodie at Amazon

Doctor Who: Where’s the Doctor?

Best for: Passing the time while hinting down your Doctor Who favourites.


It’s not just Wally that is missing in the pages of colourful books now as the Doctor, along with some companions, are in need of finding in this fun artistic book from the author Jamie Smart. Have a go for yourself and see who you can spot in the picture above – we did manage to find the Eleventh Doctor!

As well as the illustration that features The Silence, look for many of the Doctor’s foes to be found in the pages of this book from the Silurians to the Cybermen to the good old Ood! And yes, of course, there is a page filled with Daleks too. Happy Doctor hunting!

Buy Where’s the Doctor at Amazon

Top Trumps Doctor Who Card Game

Best for: A quick and simple game for all the family.

doctor who top trumps

There is a Top Trumps game for almost every big hitter in the TV and movie world and Doctor Who is no exception. There have been many different versions of the Doctor Who Top Trumps and if you want the latest, then this is the one for you, featuring all the cast as they were in the latest episodes.

Of course, it is all change for Doctor Who with John Bishop joining and two companions having already left, so look for another set to be released around the time that series returns later in 2021 – it’s a good thing you can never have enough Top Trumps games!

Buy Doctor Who Top Trumps at Amazon

Doctor Who is expected to return to our screens later this year.


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