It's time to get reacquainted with the Locke family one last time, as Netflix's hit fantasy drama Locke and Key returns for its farewell season.


Picking up where the last entry left off, the story will see siblings Kinsey (Emilia Jones) and Bode (Jackson Robert Scott) team up with their newly magic-savvy mother Nina (Darby Stanchfield) to take on a sinister force which once hounded their ancestors.

Kevin Durand is upped to series regular in the role of British Empire soldier Frederick Gideon, who was summoned to the present day at the end of season 2, bringing one of the Black Door's most powerful demons with him.

If the Lockes aren't able to put an end to his plan, it could very well mean the end of the world, but they are weakened after eldest sibling Tyler (Connor Jessup) chose to forget about his family's magic and start a new life elsewhere.

Everything has been leading up to this, so be sure to brush up on the key players in Locke and Key with our recap and cast guide, before diving into the third season.

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Connor Jessup plays Tyler Locke

Connor Jessup in Locke and Key season 3
Connor Jessup in Locke and Key season 3 Netflix

Who is Tyler Locke? Tyler is the oldest child in the Locke family, who developed a cynical, jaded perspective on life after his father was murdered, believing he was responsible for the attack by troubled Sam Lesser. After learning that was not the case, he found some catharsis and briefly adopted a more positive outlook, helped by his budding romance with classmate Jackie Veda.

Unfortunately, she tragically died in the second season after being possessed by a demon from behind the Black Door, with Tyler inadvertently killing her whilst detaching the entity from her soul. Once he and his siblings defeated arch-nemesis Dodge, Tyler took the opportunity to leave Matheson in an attempt to come to terms with his loss.

He refused an offer of the Memory Key by his younger siblings, meaning he will soon forget all of the magic he experienced while living in Keyhouse.

What else has Connor Jessup been in? Fans of sci-fi drama Falling Skies will recognise Jessup as the character Ben Mason, while other credits include roles on acclaimed anthology series American Crime and feature film Closet Monster. He was named one of's LGBTQ+ rising stars in 2022.

Emilia Jones plays Kinsey Locke

Emilia Jones in Locke and Key season 3
Emilia Jones in Locke and Key season 3 Netflix

Who is Kinsey Locke? Middle child Kinsey is the most artistic member of the Locke family, who has become involved in amateur filmmaking since moving to Matheson. She is the star of a student horror film called The Splattering, written and directed by her friend Scot Cavendish and co-starring her boyfriend, Gabe (who turned out to be Dodge in disguise – awkward).

While he initially started dating Kinsey in a campaign to collect the keys, Gabe found himself developing genuine feelings for her as they got to know each other. Kinsey exploited this weakness in an epic confrontation at the end of season 2, which saw Dodge defeated and Lucas Caravaggio given a second chance at life.

What else has Emilia Jones been in? Jones is perhaps best known for playing Alice in Channel 4's acclaimed (albeit short-lived) sci-fi thriller Utopia, which was recently remade with a different cast on Amazon Prime Video. She has also made appearances in Doctor Who and Wolf Hall, while on the big screen, she is known for roles in Horrible Histories: The Movie and Apple's Best Picture-winning original film CODA.

Jackson Robert Scott plays Bode Locke

Jackson Robert Scott in Locke and Key
Jackson Robert Scott in Locke and Key Netflix

Who is Bode Locke? The youngest of the Locke siblings, Bode is an adventurous soul and perceptiveness beyond his years, often being the first to discover the magical keys hidden around his home. He has become firm friends with local kids Jamie Bennett and Rufus Whedon, who have become trusted confidants in all matters relating to Keyhouse. However, he is apprehensive about the idea of his mother dating Jamie's father, Josh, as he may not be ready for a new father figure.

What else has Jackson Robert Scott been in? Scott's most prominent role to date is playing ill-fated little Georgie in the recent two-part film adaptation of Stephen King novel IT, while he has also appeared on episodes of Criminal Minds and Fear The Walking Dead.

Darby Stanchfield plays Nina Locke

Darby Stanchfield in Locke and Key season 3
Darby Stanchfield in Locke and Key season 3 Netflix

Who is Nina Locke? Nina is the mother of the three Locke children and the widow of Rendell, whose death she struggled to come to terms with in the first season. She is a recovering alcoholic and her intense grief caused her to start drinking again, but she was able to overcome this with support from her family and late friend Daniel Mutuku.

It was her decision to move to Rendell's family home in Matheson, which she received in his will, but she was not initially aware of the fantastical nature of the property. When her children started experimenting with its magic keys, Nina instantly forgot any unexplainable incidents she witnessed as they are retainable only to people under the age of 18.

Things are different in season 3, however, as the kids have now used the Memory Key on her, which allows the recipient to comprehend magic no matter their age. This couldn't have come at a better time, since Keyhouse is once again being targeted by a malevolent entity, which the Locke siblings will need plenty of help to vanquish.

What else has Darby Stanchfield been in? Stanchfield's biggest roles to date have been her turns as Abby Whelan on Scandal and April Green on Jericho, while she also had a recurring role as Helen Bishop on the first series of Mad Men.

Aaron Ashmore plays Duncan Locke

Aaron Ashmore plays Uncle Duncan in Locke and Key

Who is Duncan Locke? Duncan is the younger brother of the late Rendell Locke and uncle to Tyler, Kinsey and Bode. He lives with them and Nina in Keyhouse, but will be moving away before long to live with his soon-to-be-husband Brian. In his youth, Rendell removed many of Duncan's memories using the Head Key to free him of the trauma that came from their magical misadventures, but these have since been restored by his niece and nephews.

What else has Aaron Ashmore been in? Ashmore is known for playing Jimmy Olsen on DC Comics drama Smallville, as well as for being a series regular on sci-fi shows Warehouse 13 and Killjoys. He has also made appearances in Cardinal and Designated Survivor. Aaron is not to be confused with his identical twin brother Shawn, who is also an actor, best known for playing Ice Man in the X-Men film series.

Kevin Durand plays Frederick Gideon

Kevin Durand in Locke and Key
Kevin Durand in Locke and Key Netflix

Who is Frederick Gideon? Gideon was a cruel soldier fighting for the British Empire during the American Revolutionary War, who became one of the first people to discover the magical portal in the caves under Keyhouse. At the time, he was defeated by Tyler, Kinsey and Bode's distant ancestors, but he now lives again as an Echo summoned by Eden. Gideon has been possessed by one of the strongest demons from the Black Door, which has made him even more ruthless in his quest to gather the keys and unleash hell on Earth.

What else has Kevin Durand been in? Durand will be well known to fantasy fans, having previously starred in Guillermo del Toro's vampire drama The Strain, as well as DC Comics series Swamp Thing. He is also known for roles in Ballers, Vikings and Lost, while on the big screen he has featured in blockbuster movies Noah, Resident Evil: Retribution, Real Steel and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Brendan Hines plays Josh Bennett

Brendan Hines and Darby Stanchfield in Locke and Key
Brendan Hines and Darby Stanchfield in Locke and Key Netflix

Who is Josh Bennett? Josh is a charismatic history teacher who begins working at Matheson Academy and takes an interest in Nina. While they aren't formally dating at the moment, there is a mutual awareness of romantic chemistry between them.

What else has Brendan Hines been in? Hines previously worked alongside Darby Stanchfield in the US television series Scandal, with other television roles being Eli Loker on Lie to Me and Superian on Amazon Prime's The Tick. He has also made appearances in Suits, Scorpion, Secrets and Lies, and MacGyver.

Liyou Abere plays Jamie

Liyou Abere plays Jamie in Locke and Key season 2
Jackson Robert Scott and Liyou Abere in Locke and Key season 2 Netflix

Who is Jamie? Jamie is the daughter of Josh Bennett, who is in the same class as Bode at school. They quickly become friends, having both gone through the tragic loss of a parent in the past year. Naturally, Bode wastes no time introducing Jamie to his magical keys.

What else has Liyou Abere been in? Abere plays Janine in Amazon Prime Video's The Boys, who is the daughter of Laz Alonso's character, Mother's Milk. She also appeared in critically acclaimed miniseries Mrs America, starring Cate Blanchett, and has a voice role in US children's programme Blue's Clues and You.

Sherri Saum plays Ellie Whedon

Who is Ellie Whedon? Ellie is an old friend of the Locke children's late father, Rendell, who stayed in Matheson when he decided to move far away. She becomes acquainted with the family when they move back after his death, but is harbouring a dark secret: it was Ellie who unintentionally brought Dodge back to life using the Echo key, having been tricked into thinking it was Lucas Caravaggio, a classmate who died in her youth.

In season 1's biggest twist, Dodge changed Ellie's face to their own using the identity key, tricking the Locke children into throwing the teacher through the Black Door and trapping her in the nightmarish otherworld beyond. It was months before they realised their mistake, when Dodge re-emerged in the form of Kinsey's boyfriend Gabe. Fortunately, Ellie returned to our world when the Black Door was briefly re-opened in season 2, giving Rufus his mother back.

What else has Sherri Saum been in? Saum starred in US family drama The Fosters throughout its five-season run (which concluded in 2018), while she has also made appearances in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Limetown and Grey's Anatomy.

Coby Bird plays Rufus Whedon

Coby Bird in Netflix's Locke and Key

Who is Rufus Whedon? Rufus is Ellie's teenage son, who she loves dearly. However, she is unable to protect him when Dodge enters their life and has them both living under his reign of terror. When Ellie is thrown through the Black Door, Rufus is sent to live with his uncle and aunt in Nebraska, but stays in touch with his good friend Bode. At the end of season 2, he is reunited with his mother in a touching scene.

What else has Coby Bird been in? Bird has previously appeared in US dramas The Good Doctor and Speechless.

Laysla De Oliveira plays Dodge

Who is Dodge? Dodge is introduced as a mysterious woman living in the well-house on the grounds of Key House, who strikes up a fake friendship with Bode in order to get him to release her from her prison. Once she breaks out, she starts causing serious trouble for the Locke family and the people of Matheson, taking several lives in her tireless mission to assemble all the magical keys.

It is later explained that Dodge is an echo of Lucas Caravaggio, who had once been a friend to the Locke siblings' father Rendell, but was possessed by an entity from beyond the Black Door. Lucas was killed in self-defence by Rendell, but his echo was brought back by ex-girlfriend Ellie Whedon using the corresponding key.

She did not realise that his corrupted personality would return too and so deeply regrets her decision, which comes at a great cost to her – as Dodge tricks the Locke siblings into throwing a disguised Ellie through the Black Door.

What else has Laysla De Oliviera been in? De Oliviera has appeared on other fantasy television shows including iZombie and The Gifted. This is her second collaboration with Joe Hill, as she also appeared in Netflix horror film In The Tall Grass, which was based on a novella the prolific writer wrote with his father, Stephen King. She also appeared opposite Stephen and Robbie Amell for sci-fi indie film Code 8.

Griffin Gluck plays Gabe

Griffin Gluck in Locke and Key

Who is Gabe? Gabe is introduced as one of the students at Matheson Academy, who quickly forms a close friendship with Kinsey that blossoms into romance. While he appears to be an ally to the Locke family, a shock twist in the first season finale revealed that he is actually Dodge in disguise. Thanks to the elaborate ruse, the Locke siblings are tricked into thinking Dodge is gone, when actually he is closer than ever before.

In season 2, Gabe (aka Dodge) forges a new key which turns people into demons and plans to use it to build an army. However, Tyler creates a key of his own to counteract Dodge's, utilising the strong bond that members of the Locke family naturally have with this peculiar magic. The item destroys the demonic Dodge entity, giving Lucas Caravaggio's Echo complete control over his mind and body.

What else has Griffin Gluck been in? Gluck was recently seen in the Netflix film Tall Girl and its sequel, but he is probably better known for playing high school documentarian Sam Ecklund in mockumentary series American Vandal.

Petrice Jones plays Scot

Who is Scot? Scot is another student at Matheson Academy and one of Kinsey's closest friends. He loves her and is keen to take their relationship to the next level, but is left heartbroken when she chooses to get together with Gabe instead. Following the traumatic events of season 2, Scot decides to move back to the UK for university. He is a keen filmmaker, with a particular interest in the horror genre. In fact, Netflix released one of the Locke and Key trailers in the form of a teaser for his fictional B-movie, The Splattering.

What else has Petrice Jones been in? Jones has previously appeared on episodes of Holby City and Doctors, while more recently he was featured in the main cast of YouTube Premium series Step Up: High Water.

Hallea Jones plays Eden Hawkins

Hallea Jones and Griffin Gluck in Locke and Key season 2
Hallea Jones and Griffin Gluck in Locke and Key season 2 Netflix

Who is Eden Hawkins? Eden was introduced as a typical high school "mean girl" who takes an instant disliking to the Lockes. She is later exposed to the magic of Keyhouse when the physical manifestation of Kinsey's fear attacks her on school grounds, ultimately joining the fight against Dodge in the series finale. Unfortunately, she is hit by one of the glowing bullets from beyond the Black Door, which latches a demonic entity onto her soul.

In season 2, she is working alongside Dodge (now settled into their Gabe persona), to help assemble all of the magical keys. When their plan is defeated, Eden is left alone and attempts to kick off a new one of her own, summoning the Echo of possessed Revolutionary War soldier Frederick Gideon, only for him to immediately kill her by throwing her down a well.

What else has Hallea Jones been in? Locke and Key is Jones' biggest role to date, but she did make a brief appearance in the first season of Amazon Prime's The Boys and had a small role in Netflix's festive film Let it Snow.

Genevieve Kang plays Jackie Veda

Connor Jessup and Genevieve Kang in Locke and Key
Connor Jessup and Genevieve Kang in Locke and Key Netflix

Who is Jackie? Jackie is another student at Matheson Academy, who becomes Tyler's girlfriend towards the end of season 1. She knows about the power of the keys and has used several of them over the summer break while spending time with Tyler, but she begins to forget these treasured memories as her 18th birthday nears closer. Tragically, she died in the second season when Tyler destroyed a demon that had latched onto her soul.

What else has Genevieve Kang been in? Kang has previously appeared in Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments, Sky One's Jett and the YouTube Premium series, Impulse.

Joy Tanner plays Erin Voss

Laysla De Oliveira and Joy Tanner in Locke and Key
Laysla De Oliveira and Joy Tanner in Locke and Key Netflix

Who is Erin Voss? Erin was the girlfriend of Rendell Locke in their high school years, but their relationship came to an end after tragedy befell their social group. She spends decades in a catatonic state after an accident with the Head Key leaves her trapped in her own mind, but is ultimately freed by the Locke siblings, briefly becoming a trusted ally and useful source of information. Sadly, she is murdered by Dodge after confronting the demonic entity, who she first encountered as a teenager.

What else has Joy Tanner been in? Tanner is best known for roles in the American television shows Life with Derek and Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Felix Mallard plays Lucas Caravaggio

Felix Mallard plays Lucas Caravaggio in Locke and Key season 2
Felix Mallard plays Lucas Caravaggio in Locke and Key season 2 Netflix

Who is Lucas Caravaggio? Lucas was a good friend of Rendell, Ellie and Erin in their youth, but his personality completely changed when he was possessed by a demon from beyond the Black Door. The malicious entity made him violent and dangerous, with Rendell ultimately killing Lucas in self-defence. Ellie summoned an echo of Lucas using one of the Locke's magical keys, not realising he would still be corrupted by the evil spirit.

In the season 2 finale, possessor Dodge was finally separated from the Echo of Lucas, allowing him to have a second chance at a good life.

What else has Felix Mallard been in? Mallard got his start on the Australian soap opera Neighbours, leaving the show in 2018 to pursue other acting projects. Since then, he has appeared in musical series Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, comedy-drama Ginny & Georgia, as well as Netflix original film All The Bright Places.

Martin Roach plays Daniel Mutuku

Darby Stanchfield and Martin Roach in Netflix's Locke and Key
Darby Stanchfield and Martin Roach in Locke and Key Netflix

Who is Daniel Mutuku? Daniel Mutuku is a detective for the Matheson police force, who forms a friendly bond with Nina after bumping into her at an alcoholics anonymous meeting. He is possessed by a demon and ultimately killed during Dodge's final scheme.

What else has Martin Roach been in? Roach is known for recent roles in Apple TV+ fantasy series See and Amazon Prime Video's sci-fi drama The Expanse.

Thomas Mitchell Barnet plays Sam Lesser

Who is Sam Lesser? Sam is a former classmate of Tyler Locke, who comes from an abusive home. He is tricked into murdering Rendell Locke by Dodge, who appears to him as a creepy vision in various places. Sam is convicted but Dodge uses magic to break him out, allowing him to stage another attack on the Locke family at Key House. The incident ends with Sam falling through the death door, but is unable to return to his body before it is closed. As a result, he is now doomed to roam the grounds of Key House as a ghost for eternity.

What else has Thomas Mitchell Barnet been in? Previous screen roles for Barnet include television shows Wayne and In The Dark.

Bill Heck plays Rendell Locke

Who is Rendell Locke? The late father of the Locke children and Nina's husband, Rendell used to work as a guidance counsellor before his murder at the hands of Sam Lesser. His teenage years were full of magic as he and his friends learnt to use the magical keys at his ancestral home, but he never told his family about this part of his life.

What else has Bill Heck been in? Heck has appeared in a host of acclaimed US TV shows, including The Leftovers, The Good Wife and The Alienist, while he also had a small role in the Coen Brothers' anthology film The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. He currently stars in Amazon Prime Video's remake of I Know What You Did Last Summer.

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