Netflix's dating show Too Hot to Handle has returned for a second series, with a group of feisty young singles living together in a luxury villa with their eyes on a generous cash prize.


In order to win the $100,000, each year the Too Hot to Handle cast will have to resist temptation and not touch each other. So basically the opposite of Love Island.

With these singletons from all across the world appearing on the show in a bid to attract a partner, who will prove they can go the distance in the luxury retreat?

Season one and episodes 1-4 of season two of Too Hot to Handle have launched on Netflix now. Check out the season one cast below.

Too Hot to Handle cast season 4

Nicole O'Brien

Age: 23

Instagram: @nicole.ob

Irish Nicole lives in London now but she's previously travelled the world as a marketing consultant working on Yachts where she's hosted the likes of Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Jay Z! She isn't afraid to speak her mind and will no doubt ruffle a few feathers on the retreat. Nicola admits she can be selfish when it comes to dating but she won't compromise. Will she be able to learn some lessons and find the man of her dreams?

Francesca Farago

Age: 25

Instagram: @francescafarago

Francesca comes from Canada and is a travel influencer who previously dated DJ Diplo. She describes herself as a free spirit and a thrill-seeker who isn't afraid to break the rules. Francesca admits she is a little fearful of commitment, but she does have the name of her ex tattoo-ed on the inside of her mouth! How will the boys react to that one?

Harry Jowsey

Age: 21

Instagram: @harryjowsey

Australian Harry classes himself as a "giraffe on ice" when it comes to dancing, but give him a couple of drinks and he's a disco queen. He's certainly a head-turner and immediately commands attention from the second he enters the retreat – but why can't he find the right girl?

Too Hot to Handle

Sharron Townsend

Age: 25

Instagram: @sharrontownsendofficial

New Jersey's Sharron is not to be messed with as he is a personal trainer and professional kids' wrestling coach, but does enjoy a cheeky flirt with the mums at the matches. He claims he's a 10 out of 10 and was once crowned Mr Pennsylvania in 2018. He says he has trouble settling down but will that change at the retreat?

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Age: 27

Instagram: @kelechidyke

Kelz was originally born in Austria, but moved to the UK when he was 13 and now is a Senior Recruitment Consultant in London. He's the alpha-male who always gets what he wants, but is the Too Hot to Handle prize out of his grasp?

David Birtwistle

Age: 28

Instagram: @david.birtwistle

Londoner David has the brains and the brawn as he is an ex semi-pro rugby player with a first-class degree in engineering. His ex is currently engaged to Hugh Hefner's son but he prides himself on his motorbike and his cool exterior. Will he manage to connect in the retreat?

Matthew Smith

Age: 29

Instagram: @matthewstephensmith

Confident Matthew certainly makes his mark when he enters any room and having previously been nominated for America's Next Top Model, his looks speak for himself. However, he has trouble making deep connections with those he meets and he's worried he'll only have his dog to keep him company as he grows old! He's a deep thinker who loves to skinny dip, but will any of the girls catch his eye?

Rhonda Paul

Age: 27

Instagram: @imrhondapaul

Atlanta-born Rhonda has never let anything get in her way when it comes to getting the man of her dreams. She's bored of the dating scene and wants something different - which is definitely what she's going to get with Too Hot to Handle! But when she has to share male attention with the other girls, will she find that she doesn't like the competition?

Haley Cureton

Age: 20

Instagram: @haley.cure

Florida business student Haley volunteers at an animal shelter and is full open to candid discussions about what she likes and doesn't like. She has a tattoo in an "unknown language" that she still doesn't know what it says and is open to getting to know the boys and and the girls - but will she find the one?

Too Hot to Handle

Chloe Veitch

Age: 19

Instagram: @chloeveitchofficial

Chloe from Essex calls herself a heart-breaker and often says the wrong thing. She has no problem attracting the men of her dreams, but keeping them is another thing. Impulsive Chloe is looking for someone she can settle down with but can she learn the error of her ways and pick the right man instead of the wrong one?


Too Hot to Handle launches on Netflix on April 17th. If you’re looking for more to watch check out our TV Guide.