Who is The Masked Singer? Spoilers, theories and clues revealed

Who could be hiding behind these elaborate costumes?


Who is Butterfly?

Butterfly, the Masked Singer ©ITV/Bandicoot TV



Episode one: ‘You’ve Got the Love’ by Florence + The Machine

Clues: Butterfly is “free-spirited” and has travelled to “foreign lands” – her habitat has “recently been threatened” and she is a DJ, while “millions of people tuned in to see [her] tie the knot”.

“I was spotted before my big break,” she revealed.

Who’s behind the mask? Butterfly was the first celebrity to be unmasked on the show.

On Saturday 4th January’s opening episode, the judges failed to correctly guess that Butterfly was EastEnders star and celebrity DJ, Patsy Palmer, best know to many TV viewers for playing Bianca Jackson in the BBC soap.


Who is Pharaoh?

Pharaoh Masked Singer ©ITV/Bandicoot TV


Episode two: ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ by The Bangles

Clues: Pharaoh picked up a guitar for the first time when he was an infant, he taught himself everything he knows. He thinks of himself as “a man of integrity and in his early days “saw the Queen on a daily basis.”

He says his previous employment is also a piece of furniture.

Who’s behind the mask? Pharaoh was the second celebrity to be unmasked on the show.

On Sunday 5th January’s episode, the judges failed to correctly guess that Pharaoh was former home secretary and Labour politician Alan Johnson.

Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 10.40.32

Who is Chameleon?

Chameleon The Masked Singer ©ITV/Bandicoot TV


Episode one: ‘Creep’ by Radiohead

Episode three: Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man.

Clues: Chameleon claims to have “many talents” and be a “dazzling urban act”, though admits he’s “more used to the tech of the ’70s”.

“I once provided the voice of a children’s cartoon character,” he revealed.

Theories: The panel suggested Nigel Havers, Idris Elba, Reggie Yates and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Viewers at home thought Chameleon could be Alexander Armstrong, Chris Eubank, Justin Hawkins from The Darkness or Will Mellor.

Who’s behind the mask?

Justin Hawkins unmasked as The Chameleon on The Masked Singer (ITV)
Justin Hawkins unmasked as The Chameleon on The Masked Singer (ITV)

As it turns out some viewers at home were correct, and The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins was revealed to be the man behind the Chameleon costume.

Who is Tree?

Tree The Masked Singer ©ITV/Bandicoot TV


Episode two: ‘It Must Be Love’ by Madness

Clues: Tree has “played in front of big crowds before” he “like to win” and that is his “goal” throughout the competition. He might not be “pitch perfect” but would give it his “best shot.”

They’ve never performed on a stage before, but are doing it for their kids.

Theories: The panel suggested Chris Kamara, Peter Crouch, Alan Shearer and David Beckham.

Viewers at home thought Tree might be Jamie Redknapp or Peter Crouch – and the former England striker has denied this on Twitter.

Who’s behind the mask? Turns out many people were in the right ballpark, with former England striker Teddy Sheringham revealed to be the singing tree.

Screen Shot 2020-01-19 at 11.46.25

Who is Daisy?

Daisy The Masked Singer ©ITV/Bandicoot TV


Episode one: Can’t Feel My Face – The Weeknd

Episode two: I Can’t Make You Love Me – Bonnie Raitt

Episode three: Unforgettable – Natalie Cole

Clues: Daisy claimed to have a real name that was based upon the seeds she grew from and liked to fish in her spare time.

She has a “bright” personality, and although being American, wanted to stay in the UK for a long time.

Theories: The panel were stumped on this one, with guesses ranging from Kelis to Lindsay Lohan.

Others at home thought it could have been Ashley Roberts.

Who’s behind the mask?  Turns out the judges – mainly Rita Ora – was right on this one as she correctly guessed Kelis was the voice behind the Daisy mask.

Read more about who Daisy is here.

The Masked Singer Kelis
The Masked Singer Kelis

Who is Unicorn?

Unicorn The Masked Singer ©ITV/Bandicoot TV


Week 1: Babooshka – Kate Bush

Week 2: Juice – Lizzo

Week 3: Sharp Dressed Man – ZZ Top

Clues: Unicorn said he grew up on a small island but was always drawn to the big city and would stand out from the crowd all the time.

What’s more, Unicorn seemed to have a lavish lifestyle and grew up on a private plane. Their American/Canadian accent seemed to be a giveaway, but was it right?

Theories: People were pretty convinced for a while they were listening to John Barrowman singing. But talk turned to Glee favourites Matthew Morrison and Kevin McHale fairly quickly.

Who’s behind the mask? In a twist only some saw coming, it was actually Jake Shears from the Scissor Sisters hiding behind the rainbow costume.

The Masked Singer Jake Shears
Jake Shears (©GETTY)

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Who is Duck?

Masked Singer Duck ©ITV/Bandicoot TV


Week 1: Like a Virgin – Madonna

Week 2: Living on a Prayer – Bon Jovi

Week 3: Blinded By Your Grace Pt. 2 – Stormzy

Clues: Duck was a tricky one to work out, as it seemed she’d done a lot in her life. She claimed to be able to speak German and Italian, and once had 850,000 people sing happy birthday to her, while also singing it herself to someone “legendary”.

She also claimed she was a mixture of sporty, soft, and shy.

Guesses: Theories ranged from the likes of Diane Abbott, Denise Lewis and Dame Kelly Holmes.

Who’s behind the mask? But everyone was wrong, as it was revealed Skin from Skunk Anansie was behind the mask.

©Bandicoot TV

Who is Fox?

Fox The Masked Singer ©ITV/Bandicoot TV

Fox – Songs, Clues, Guesses


Week 1: Call Me – Blondie

Week 2: On the Radio – Donna Summer

Week 3: On My Own – From Les Misérables

Week 4: Firework – Katy Perry

Who’s behind the mask? In a double elimination on Saturday 8th February, Fox was revealed to be Denise Van Outen.

Denise Van Outen
Denise Van Outen (Getty)

Who is Monster?

Monster The Masked Singer ©ITV/Bandicoot TV

Monster – Songs, Clues, Guesses


Week 1: Happy – Pharrell

Week 2: Can’t Help Falling In Love With You – Elvis Presley

Week 3: Don’t Cha – Pussycat Dolls

Week 4: Human – Rag’n’Bone Man

Who’s behind the mask? Monster was unmasked in the semi-finals.

On Saturday 8th February, it was revealed that Cee Lo Green was Monster in a double elimination. The Grammy winner had long been suspected as being under the mask.

CeeLo Green
Brian Stukes/Getty Images

The Masked Singer continues Saturdays on ITV