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Who is Daisy on the Masked Singer?

Which famous face is behind the psychedelic sunflower Daisy?

Daisy The Masked Singer ©ITV/Bandicoot TV
Published: Wednesday, 22nd January 2020 at 11:33 am

The nation is hooked on The Masked Singer, which has seen 12 celebrities don elaborate disguises in a bid to fool our panel of judges.


While we've seen some of our hopefuls unmasked, we’re still guessing as to which famous face is behind the mask of ‘Daisy’ – the singing sunflower with purple sunglasses.

Both Davina McCall and Rita Ora thought Daisy was singer Beverly Knight, although Ken Jeong guessed that it was actress Lindsay Lohan behind the mask. Ora also suggested singer Lulu and actress-turned-royalty Meghan Markle as possible identities.

However, The Masked Singer revealed who was behind the flower face and it was none other than hitmaker Kelis. See below for all the clues and previous guesses for Daisy.

The Masked Singer Kelis
The Masked Singer Kelis

Daisy - Latest Songs, Clues and Guesses


Week 1: Cant Feel My Face - The Weeknd

Week 2: I Can't Make You Love Me - Bonnie Raitt


  • Real name is based upon the seeds she grew from
  • Relaxed by fishing
  • Possibly American
  • Wants to stay in the UK for a long time
  • Has a "bright" personality
  • Kelis
  • Ashley Roberts
  • Lindsay Lohan

Is Daisy Kelis?

Leon Bennett/WireImage)

Many viewers are convinced that American singer Kelis is behind Daisy. The 40-year-old R&B musician rose to fame with popular singles Milkshake and Millionaire.

Several Twitter users believe Kelis is the fishing enthusiast behind the mask after digging up a Guardian interview with the singer from 2010 where she said she uses the hobby to relax.

The clue that Daisy’s real name is based upon the seeds she grew from applies to Kelis, according to fans, as the names of her parents’ – Kenneth and Eveliss – form her name when merged together.

Is Daisy Ashley Roberts?

Ashley Roberts

Pussycat Doll and TV presenter Ashley Roberts is a main contender for the celebrity behind Daisy according to some viewers. The US singer was a runner-up in the 2018 series of Strictly Come Dancing with dance partner Pasha Kovalev and is now based in the UK. She is due to rejoin The Pussycat Dolls on their reunion tour this year.

Roberts seemed to stoke further speculation that she is Daisy when dodging questions about the show on Heart Breakfast. When asked by Jamie Theakston whether she was the celebrity behind the sunflower, she said: “I mean I've had a crazy busy schedule lately - I love a costume. I mean you know I do like to have a little dress up."

“I think you need to watch the show and find out don’t you? Don’t you? Don’t you?" she added. "I don’t know who it is. I really don’t.”

Is Daisy Holly Valance?

Holly Valance
John Sciulli/Getty Images for G'day USA Gala

Australian actress and singer Holly Valance has been suggested as Daisy’s real identity by some fans. The 36-year-old Neighbours actress released singles Kiss Kiss and Down Boy, which topped the UK charts in 2002, and has resided in England for 10 years.

Viewers are claiming that the similarity between Valance and Daisy’s singing voices and the fact that they are both named after flowering plants, supports the theory that Valance is in the sunflower costume.

Is Daisy Lindsay Lohan?

Some viewers are agreeing with judge Ken Jeong’s guess that actress Lindsay Lohan is the famous face behind the flower.

The 33-year-old rose to fame as a child actress with roles in the Parent Trap and Freaky Friday. Last year, she was on the judging panel of the Australian Masked Singer.

Fans are convinced that Daisy’s speaking voice – an American accent – is in fact Lohan’s and cite her experience on the Australian version of the show as evidence that she would happily take part on the series.


The Masked Singer continues Saturdays on ITV.


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