Simon Cowell’s new Saturday night talent contest The Greatest Dancer is in full swing on BBC1, with dance captains Cheryl, Oti Mabuse and Matthew Morrison banding together to find the nation’s favourite dance star.


Many of Cowell’s trademarks are evident throughout – hugely evocative stories with emotional pulls, an inspirational Coldplay song to signify a tear-jerking moment, Gogglebox-style commentary from the audience.

But Cowell’s new foray into Saturday night entertainment has also borrowed heavily from other contemporary reality shows – particularly the Celebs Go Dating-cum-Tattoo Fixers format of a cheeky receptionist.

Before our hopefuls face the fateful two-way ‘mirror’ (and if they’re lucky, the dance captains), they enter the waiting area where they are greeted by the friendly Amelia Wilson, who chats to them about their backgrounds and what they’re going to be doing to impress the judges.

But who is Amelia? Here’s what we know...

So… who is she?

Amelia works as part of production company Thames TV, who make the show, being credited as both a development researcher and assistant producer.

She also wrote on her now private Talent Manager profile that she has experience casting, story producing and dealing with contributors, as well as some basic shooting skills (filming, not with a gun).

The Greatest Dancer, Amelia Wilson (BBC, screenshot)

But for those of you (and according to Twitter, there are quite a few) hoping to find her on social media, prepare to be disappointed, as Amelia has decided to step out the spotlight… for now.

“She's a very shy person in real life,” an insider told the Mirror. “She would like to remain as anonymous as possible for the time being."

What is her role?

In the same ilk as Paisley Billings from Tattoo Fixers or Tom Read Wilson from Celebs Go Dating, Amelia acts as a bit of a warm-up for the contestants (and in turn, the viewers) asking them what sort of style of dance style they're into, who would they want as their dance captain, and how they’ll react if they get the required 75% of the audience vote and the dance studio mirror opens.

She’s sort of like a pre-interview interview, to ease people into the show.

How will her role develop?

When approached for comment by, a spokesperson for The Greatest Dancer said that Amelia’s role in later shows is "yet to be finalised".

But we expect to see more from Amelia in the future, as her natural warmth and on-screen presence has already made her such a hit with audiences.


The Greatest Dancer continues on Saturdays on BBC1

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