If you were to see the words ‘Tattoo Fixers’ and ‘Noel Edmonds’ in the same sentence, you’d think it was because someone was getting an unfortunate inking covered up.


But incredibly, a Noel superfan actually dropped in to have a portrait of the Deal or No Deal presenter tattooed on her thigh.

“I’m here to get a tattoo dedicated to the love of my life…and it’s not my husband,” said 47-year-old Angie, who got tattooist Jay Hutton to do the portrait of “best era” Noel, circa “late 80s, early 90s”.


Angie, who didn’t wash her face for “weeks” after she met Noel and he gave her a kiss, then went on to describe Noel Edmonds as if he was George Clooney.

“He’s got gorgeous Hollywood looks,” she said. “The best personality ever. I love his tight trousers and he’s got wonderful bright blue eyes. They’re like pools of water that I’d love to dive into.

“When I met my husband I told him that there’d be three in this relationship. There’d be me, him and Noel Edmonds.”


Angie had plenty of memor-Noel-belia, including t-shirts, mugs, a jigsaw and even a pillowcase that her husband wouldn’t let her have on the bed.

Most disturbingly she explained how she was given a blow-up doll with the mask of Noel stuck on it that she took “everywhere” with her until…

“I think I sat on it a bit too much and I popped it.”

Best not to give that too much thought. Anyway, this was the finished result:


When she saw the tat, Angie burst into tears of joy as Jay asked what her husband would think when he saw it.

“I don’t care,” she said. “I really don’t care”.


We bet he cared when she got home and saw this staring back at him.