The second season of The Circle USA is now on Netflix, featuring 13 episodes of scheming, betrayals, friendships and even romance playing out over the next few weeks, with the finale taking place on Wednesday, 5th May.


The primary aim is to become popular to stay in the game, and contestants can either be themselves or take on new, fake identities in an effort to win.

Each player rates their fellow contestants, and those who are less popular can be blocked and eliminated from the game. It’s funny, strategic and even a little weird!

This year’s players face new twists to the game, and the addition of a celebrity in the form of NSYNC star Lance Bass (well kind of, as it's actually his manager Lisa - who is part of the The Circle USA season two cast - catfishing as him.)

Like the original British version, the reality series has a group of contestants move into apartments where they are isolated from everyone else, and only able to communicate via the social media program The Circle.

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But, where is the US version of the show filmed? Here's everything you need to know about The Circle USA location.

Where is The Circle USA filmed?

The British version of The Circle is filmed in an apartment building in Salford, Manchester – and so is the American version.

For the first US season, attempts were made to hide the fact it was filmed in England, with footage of the skylines of both Milwaukee and Chicago inserted into the episodes for American audiences. However, local US newspaper The Milwaukee Record spotted the ruse and revealed the true location of the building.

The Salford building with the big illuminated circle on it at Adelphi Wharf includes the show’s 12 fully furnished apartments – each with its own TV, plus the obligatory cameras to capture everything that goes on inside – as well as an exercise room and rooftop garden with hot tub. There is also the ‘testimonial room’, where players in The Circle go to film their goodbye videos when they have been eliminated and are leaving the show.

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to buy one of the building’s apartments on the banks of the River Irwell, Capital FM reported in 2019 that all the flats (valued at around £145,000 each at that time) had been sold.


The Circle USA season two is available to stream on Netflix. If you're looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide or visit our Entertainment hub for all the latest news.