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The Circle USA season two cast: Meet all the contestants taking part

Everything you need to know about The Circle USA season two cast.

Too Hot to Handle's Chloe
Published: Thursday, 29th April 2021 at 4:20 pm

Since The Circle USA season two kicked off we have been mindblown.


We've see multiple catfish, lots of twists and turns, and even the return of blocked players.

The series started off with eight contestants entering the famous block of flats, and now we're down to just five finalists, who all have their eyes on the $100,000 cash prize in The Circle USA season two final.

As we get closer to the final on May 5th, here's everything you need to know about this year's contestants, including who has already been sent home, and who is still in the running to be crowned this year's winner.

The Circle USA season two finalists 

Chloe Veitch

Age: 22

From: Essex

Instagram: @chloeveitchofficial

Playing as: Herself

Chloe The Circle USA
The Circle USA contestant Chloe Netflix

Essex-born model Chloe is best knowing for appearing on Netflix's Too Hot to Handle, which will return for a second series this summer.

The dating show saw contestants battle it out for a £100,000 prize by avoiding physical contact. But, Chloe won't have to worry about getting too up, close and personal on The Circle, as she'll be communicating virtually.

Lee Swift

The Circle USA contestant Lee
The Circle USA contestant Lee Netflix

Age: 58

From: Dallas, Texas

Instagram: @leeswiftauthor

Playing as: River, a 20-year-old student

Lee is a writer and creator with over 39 adult books, which he has written under the pen name of a woman.

In The Circle he is catfishing as a 20-year-old student named River using staged photos from his friend.


The Circle USA contestant Deleesa
The Circle USA contestant Deleesa Netflix

Age: 32

From: Bronx, New York

Instagram: @leesaunique

Playing as: Her husband Trevor

Deleesa is a mum-of-one from New York. She shares her daughter with her husband Trevor. Workwise, Deleesa has multiple business projects including a YouTube channel.

Deleesa has entered The Circle as her husband, playing him as a single dad.

She hopes to win the cash prize and buy a home for her family.

Courtney Revolution

The Circle USA contestant Courtney
The Circle USA contestant Courtney Netflix

Age: 28

From: Los Angeles

Instagram: @courtneyrevolution

Playing as: Himself, but with a twist

Social media influencer and podcast host Courtney Revolution (also known as Courtney Linsen) is stepping into the Circle.

Courtney is an entertainment host and digital creator from LA, who has gone on the show with a strategy to "boot". He currently co-hosts the podcast Overheard in the Pantry with his friend Phylesha.

Although he'll be using his own photos, Courtney will be playing as a barista.


The Circle USA season two contestant John
The Circle USA season two contestant John Netflix

Age: 64

Played by: Lisa and Jack

John is the fictitious profile created by The Circle USA and played by Jack and Lisa. The duo were given a second chance to compete on the show, and the profile containing a photo of an older gentleman, who is a psychic. They decided to name him John.

Blocked players

Mitchell Eason - OUT

The Circle USA season two contestant Mitchell
The Circle USA season two contestant Mitchell Netflix

Age: 22

From: Pennsylvania

Instagram: @mitchelleason

Playing as: Himself

Mitchell is a health insurance agent from Pennsylvania. He currently works in Miami, Florida, where he moved to two years ago.

Mitchell is the brother of Ed and son of Tammy, who appeared on series one of the show. He was hoping to win the $100K cash prize and admitted he wasn't pleased with their strategy.

However, when River was made the Super Influencer ahead of the final, he decided to block Mitchell.

Khat Bell - OUT

The Circle USA season two contestant Khat
The Circle USA season two contestant Khat Netflix

Age: 28

From: Texas

Instagram: @_khatbell

Playing as: Herself

Khat is a professional volleyball player from Texas. She joined the show as herself, saying she wanted to challenge the stereotype of black women after facing this during her travels abroad.

"I wanna show the world, you know what, we’re young, we’re beautiful, we’re bright,” she said.

Khat got off to a good start, creating alliances with Mitchell, Trevor and Terilisha, however, she was blocked from The Circle after badmouthing Chloe to River and Courtney when she thought Emily, played by Jack, had visited the Essex reality TV star.

Bryant Wood - OUT

The Circle USA contestant Bryant
The Circle USA contestant Bryant Netflix

Age: 27

From: Chico, California

Instagram: @bryant.give

Playing as: Himself

Bryant is an actor and model from California. Fans might recognise him from a number of TV shows, including his roles in Psychosis, The Bay and This Just In.

As well as this, he is a NCAA Division I wrestler and MMA fighter.

Bryant is also the co-founder of a lifestyle brand called Modern Nirvana, which focuses on helping people achieve inner peace through ancient and modern techniques.

Bryant was the first contestant to be blocked from the show, after being rated last.

Lisa Delcampo - OUT

The Circle USA contestant Lisa
The Circle USA contestant Lisa Netflix

Age: 41

Instagram: @liseed

Playing as:  NSYNC's Lance Bass

The Circle US trailer hinted there is a later ninth addition to The Circle apartment building - pop band NSYNC’s Lance Bass.

Not to burst anyone's bubble, but Lance himself won't actually be going into The Circle, however, his assistant Lisa Delcampo will be impersonating as him.

Lisa will arrive on the scene in episode three.

“I know Lance Bass better than Lance Bass knows Lance Bass,” she declares in the show.

Lisa was blocked from the show, alongside Jack during a double elimination, however, she was given a second chance on the show as John.

Jack Atkins - OUT

The Circle USA contestant Jack
The Circle USA contestant Jack Netflix

Age: 20

From: New Haven, Connecticut

Playing as: His friend Emily

Jack is an Astrophysics student from Connecticut. He attends the University of Chicago, and is due to graduate next year.

Jack joined the show as sorority girl Emily, using his friends photos. Unfortunately, the others saw through his act after he struggled to apply make up to a mannequin head, and he was eventually sent home - well at least that's what the other contestants thought as he was given a second chance with Lisa to catfish together as John, a 64-year-old psychic.

Terilisha - OUT

The Circle USA contestant Terilisha
The Circle USA contestant Terilisha Netflix

Age: 34

From: Dallas, Texas

Instagram: @terilisha

Playing as: Herself

Terilisha is a singer, and her 2019 EP The Blue Heart has been streamed over 300,000 times across various platforms.

She was sent packing as she struggled to get the others back on her side after having an argument with former contestant Savannah.

Savannah Palacio - OUT

The Circle USA contestant Savannah
The Circle USA contestant Savannah Netflix

Age: 25

From: Los Angeles

Instagram: @savpalacio

Playing as: Herself

Savannah is a digital creator and influence who specialises in wellness, beauty, and fashion.

Throughout her career, she has worked with major fashion and cosmetic brands.

Despite being pretty popular in The Circle, Savannah was the second person to be blocked after being rated in seventh place following a fallout with Terilisha.


Episodes 1-12 of The Circle USA season two are available to stream on Netflix. If you're looking for something to watch tonight, check out our TV Guide.


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