Netflix's Squid Game reality TV show, Squid Game: The Challenge, has launched on the streaming site, with 456 players competing for a multi-million dollar cash prize.


While almost identical to the Korean drama show, which launched back in 2021, there are a few changes along the way, including some very brutal twists.

In episode 1, the contestants learned that, as well as the games within the competition, they'll be tested within the dorm room - and may get the chance to eliminate other players or give someone an advantage in the game.

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"This dormitory is where you'll live, eat and sleep. You will be responsible for its upkeep. Between games, there will also be tests which will take place in the dormitory. These are tests of character. How you play is who you are.

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"During these tests, you may have the opportunity to give other players an advantage to help them in the game - but be aware, these tests may also be the opportunity to eliminate other players," one of the guards revealed.

Ahead of the Dalgona Challenge, which sees contestants having to cut a shape out of a cookie, things got even more heated as yet another twist was thrown into the mix.

While in the drama series, characters were randomly given shapes ranging from a square to an umbrella, circle or triangle. This time around the players got to choose their shape, but it wasn't that simple.

Initially, the players were asked to get into four queues. The person at the front of each queue was then asked to go into the playground where the four shapes were on the wall.

They were then told that they had two minutes to choose their shape, and that they all had to agree within the time.

"Before the game can begin, you four players must select which shape your entire line of players will cut out. You must each select a different shape and you must all agree on your decision," the voiceover explained.

Of course, no one wanted the umbrella, and by the time the two minutes ran out for the first group of four, a decision wasn't made, leading to the biggest twist of all.

The voiceover revealed that as they hadn't made a decision, those players would immediately be eliminated from the game - savage!

"Players, your two minutes are now over. You failed to come to a unanimous decision and have broken the rules of the game," the voiceover revealed as the four players were then shot at.

But don't think this stopped the next group from making this same mistake...

Squid Game: The Challenge launches on Netflix on Wednesday 22nd November. Sign up for Netflix from £4.99 a month. Netflix is also available on Sky Glass and Virgin Media Stream.

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