Maura reveals how she got all her fellow Love Island contestants punished

Are you jokin’?

Maura Love Island (ITV)

Who was the most mischievous Love Island contestant of 2019? 10 points if you said Maura Higgins, an islander who recently revealed she stole a fair bit of wine while in the villa.


Let us explain: unlike other reality TV shows, the Love Island gang were only handed one or maybe two alcoholic drinks – a rule Maura wasn’t a big fan of. In fact, turns out that she ended up very sneakily stealing from her fellow islanders.

“I should never tell, but I’m gonna…” she revealed during an Instagram Q&A after an appearance on Ireland’s The Late Late Show.

“One night I went into the larder where the drinks get prepared and there’s like a water dispenser there. I went in before everyone else and I downed everyone’s wine and I filled it up with water.

“And I got in really big trouble. The whole island got punished the following night because I got really drunk. I shouldn’t have probably said that. I’ll get in big trouble now!”

So far, so Maura. But the Irish islander went on to admit that several moments in the villa were filmed more than once. “Yeah, we did [re-shoot],” Maura said. “Just say, for instance, if a text came through and you weren’t loud [enough] or if you stumbled on your words, you’d have to re-take obviously.”

Admitting that she was often the one at fault, she added: “Some words I’d say wrong and I had to do it again. That happened a lot, actually.”

Although 2019 winners Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea have split (reportedly over text), Maura and Love Island partner Curtis Pritchard are still together.

Since leaving the show Maura has also landed a presenting job at This Morning, where – as far as we know – she hasn’t yet stolen any alcohol from her co-stars.


Love Island returns to ITV2 in early 2020