“Loving the new and improved Jamilla”: Love Island fans go wild as Camilla FINALLY snogs Jamie

That was the longest build-up to a snog ever


Love Island is having something of a Groundhog Day. Fans are going wild for Jamilla and it’s like we woke up two weeks ago.


However, this is a new and improved Jamilla 2.0 starring Camilla and Jamie. After going on a couple of dates together and Jamie choosing to recouple with Cam, the pair finally shared a kiss after a LOT of batting of eyelashes and awkward looks from Camilla. And fans went WILD.

Naming no names (Craig *cough* Craig), Camilla has certainly kissed a few frogs in the villa so far. But with handsome and charming Calvin Klein model Jamie Jewitt, we’re now hoping that Cam has finally found her prince and that this one is for keeps.


Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2.