Love Island’s Eyal spots Megan wearing his hoodie in the hideaway with Wes

The dumped contestant revealed his ex donned his jumper while getting with a new guy


Eagle-eyed Love Island fans have noticed something very out of place on the ITV2 show. No, not how Jack’s kiss with Georgia appeared to be filmed twice. Or how Idris dropped a bombshell about the smooch to Laura.


Viewers have spotted that Megan wore a hoodie belonging to Eyal – the guy she dumped a few weeks ago – as she * ahem * enjoyed her time in the hideaway with new partner Wes.

Beige colouring? Check. Blue stripe? Check. That’s the same one.

And it’s not just that Megan owns an identical hoodie. On his Instagram story, Eyal recently confirmed that he left the jumper inside the villa after he was voted off the show last month with Zara.

But despite still sleeping in his jumper, Megan has well and truly moved on from Eyal. And new Alex. And old Alex.

Last night she and Wes cemented their relationship by both proposing to make it official on the same night (looking at you, producers). They’re now the villa’s third boyfriend and girlfriend, with Jack and Dani, and Josh and Kaz.

So, with the final only a few weeks off, will Love Island produce any more couples? Which of those could win the show? And will Eyal ever get his hoodie back? (It might need a wash first).


Love Island continues at 9pm every night on ITV2

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