Danny Dyer admits he’s missing his daughter as Dani and Jack make it official on Love Island

The two reality lovebirds are now boyfriend and girlfriend

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EastEnders star Danny Dyer has spoken about his daughter’s time on ITV2’s Love Island – and he was more adorable than you’d expect.


Although memes have been circulating of Dyer warning Dani’s partner Jack never to join the villa’s ‘Do Bits Society’, the actor seemingly voiced his support for her romance on Twitter: Dyer said he thought his daughter was “doing well” and admitted “I proper miss my baby girl”.

Dani is now favourite to win the ITV2 reality show after making it official with partner Jack Fincham in last night’s episode.

“I meant it when I said I want you to meet my mum and my family,” Jack told Dani outside the villa. “I really want to be with you and I want to walk out of here with you. I want to be together.”

He then dropped the all-important question: “I wanted to know if you wanted to be my girlfriend.”

After a small giggle, Dani quickly replied: “Course I’ll be your girlfriend!”

And the nation’s collective heart melted…

In summary: we’ve already seen true love on the show and anything else over the next few weeks will just be a bonus.


Love Island returns 9pm Sunday on ITV2

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