From day one, both Alex George and Samira Mighty have been in exactly the same predicament on Love Island.


The first coupling ceremony left them with more pies than a Mr Kipling factory. None of the girls stepped forward for Dr Alex and all of the boys Samira did step forward for rejected her. Ouch.

Since then, things haven't gone too smoothly for either Alex or Samira, and whilst the pair have been in a tight friendship couple over the past two weeks, they have found themselves equally unlucky in love.

And yet there's been something decidedly unequal about how the other islanders have reacted to Samira and Alex's singledom.

Every time a new girl comes into the villa, the boys have been rallying around Alex to try and get him match fit for finding love. Whether that's giving him pep talks or advice, the likes of Jack and Adam haven't been backwards in coming forwards to big him up, give him confidence and generally support him in his quest for love.

When Alex got a text during Sunday night's show saying that new girls Ellie and Zara were headed for the villa, the boys wasted no time in chanting "Doctor Love, Doctor Love", cheering and patting Alex on the back.

In the Beach Hut, Jack said: "Holy s**t – two new birds... Doctor Love is on the prowl." OK, we take umbrage with his choice of words, but at least Jack's intentions were there.

After getting the text Alex ran and jumped for joy with a "see you later, boys" and the lads fell apart laughing.

And yet, the same just hasn't been happening for Samira. At all.

Samira Mighty Love Island 2018
Samira Mighty Love Island 2018 (ITV)

When new boys Charlie and Josh entered the villa, Laura, Samira and Hayley spied them from the roof terrace. Samira spoke in hushed tones to Hayley and Laura about the newbies, saying that Charlie was her type.

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In the Beach Hut, Samira said of the new arrivals: "I was like 'thank God' – someone listened to my prayers at night." Hayley, meanwhile, said she had woken up to a "special little delivery" and Georgia said she was "so excited" for the lads' arrival.

There was zilch talk of them being excited about the boys joining the villa so that Samira could have a chance at finding love. Instead, the other girls wasted no time in introducing themselves and getting cosy round the fire pit for a chat. As it stands, Josh is now coupled up with Georgia and Charlie has already been dumped from the island.

We're not the only ones to have noticed, either. Twitter is crammed full of people thinking the exact same thing:

Even many of the news stories surrounding Love Island this year have been focussing on 'When's Alex going to find love?'. Well, what about Samira?

Perhaps it's that the girls haven't bonded quite as much as the boys have. Maybe they just don't have each other's backs in the same way?

Either way, Samira has so far been short-changed in comparison with the amount of care and attention that's been afforded to Alex. She definitely deserves some love, too.


Love Island airs daily at 9pm on ITV2

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