Jack lets slip that Dr Alex has a kiss on tonight’s Love Island

Has Alex *finally* met a girl who raises his pulse?

Love Island: Aftersun

Is Doctor DoMore starting to live up to his name?


Love Island‘s Jack seems to have let slip that Alex George finally gets his graft on in tonight’s episode as he shares a kiss with one of the girls in the villa.

On Sunday night, new girls Ellie and Zara arrived on the show – and the news that two arrivals were about to make their way in made Alex literally jump for joy:

And now, during an interview on Love Island: Aftersun, Jack Fincham has revealed that Alex has made a move on one of the girls.

Jack was asked by Caroline Flack via a link up to the villa: “are you hoping one of the new girls steals Alex’s heart?”

Dani Dyer, Love Island (ITV, EH)

To which he replied: “So badly. They had a date and everything and he’s gone for a kiss…” at which point Dani Dyer, who was sat next to him, basically told him to shh and covered up Jack’s revelation with a “nothing, nothing!”

As if we weren’t already totally excited for tonight’s show already!


Love Island airs nightly at 9pm on ITV2