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The new Love Island 2018 girls BOTH already fancy Alex – is the doctor's luck about to change?

Is Alex about to get a lot more attention in the villa? New girls Zara and Ellie say he is definitely their type on paper

Love Island 2018 new girls Zara and Ellie
Published: Sunday, 17th June 2018 at 9:09 am

Love Island star Dr Alex could find life in the villa a lot more interesting this week, after the two new girls joining the show this Sunday saying they already have their eye on him.


The good doctor has been unlucky in love so far, especially after Megan chose to couple up with Alex's rival Eyal.

But all that could be about to change with new girls Zara and Ellie saying they fancy Alex.

"I’m in love with Alex! I absolutely love him," 20-year-old Ellie Brown from Newcastle told ITV2 before heading into the villa. "I don’t have a type. My two ex boyfriends are so polar opposite, it’s unreal. One was muscly, tall. The other was not much taller than me and a bit older. I’m not looking for anything specific. If they make me happy, they’re for me, and if they don’t, they’re not for me."

Could Dr Alex finally be about to find love on Love Island 2018? (ITV)

Meanwhile, 21-year-old Zara McDermott said she also thought Alex was her type on paper: "I want to meet someone I can vibe and connect with. Someone who can keep me on my toes. I really like Adam, he’s very attractive. In terms of longevity though, Alex has a lot of potential. But I need to get know him more though – I don’t think we’ve seen how fun he can be. Maybe I can bring that out in him!"

The new girls are set to enter the villa this Sunday 17th June, after their debut was teased following Friday night's dumping.

The dumping of Hayley and Charlie mean that the villa is ready for a shake-up, and viewers have already been hoping that a new girl could be right for Alex.

However, the new contestants could be about to shake things up in other ways too, especially after Ellie revealed that she already knows Adam.

"I do know Adam. And I’ve met his ex," she revealed ahead of her Love Island debut. "Newcastle is very small so everyone knows everyone. We all speak. If I saw him in a nightclub I would say ‘hello’ but we’ve not been in the same friendship circle. I knew Alex Beattie from last year, I knew Sophie Gradon from series two."


How will the newbies affect life in the villa? Tune in this Sunday at 9pm on ITV to find out.


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