Hayley looks back on her Love Island exit – and Brexit: “It’s a good thing that the girls educated me on it”

The model also shares her thoughts on the Eyal-Megan-Alex love triangle and finally reveals her favourite animal

Hayley Hughes, Love Island (ITV, EH)

The British public has cast its vote, changing the course of history forever: Hayley has exited the Love Island villa. It’s Hexit!


Hayley Hughes and Charlie Frederick became the first couple to be dumped from the island.

After islanders voted them as the least compatible pairing along with Samira Wiley and Alex George, it was up to the viewers to save their favourite couple.

Now the votes are in: Samira and Alex will have another shot at finding their type on paper, while Hayley and Charlie were pied right off.

Hayley will be sorely missed for her excellent comedy value on the show and her semi-constant state of confusion. A highlight of her time in the villa was when she said of Brexit: “What’s that? I seriously don’t have a clue.”

Hayley then got “trade” confused with “trees” and, on learning that Brexit could affect the facility of travel within Europe, groaned: “So it could be harder to go on holidays? Oh, I love my holidays.”

Speaking to RadioTimes.com on leaving the villa, Hayley said she’s now got more of a grip on Britain’s departure from the EU. “Yeah, I have more of an understanding about it I suppose, it’s a good thing that the girls educated me on it.”

On the infamous Eyal-Megan-Alex love triangle, she said: “I did really think that Eyal was a bit full on with Megan so soon and he wouldn’t really let Alex have a chance to get to know and speak to her.”

She added: “Obviously I feel like I genuinely am Team Alex in every way because I genuinely want him to meet someone that he has a connection with, because he does have low confidence and things.”

It’s not a huge surprise that Hayley is siding with Alex; after all she did find Eyal a bit too profound at the best of times – especially when asking her about which animals she likes.

So without getting too deep, the question on all our lips is: what IS Hayley’s favourite animal? “My favourite animal is my dog Milo.”


Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2

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