There's trouble in paradise for new couple Eyal and Megan – although it's not relationship problems but a violation of the bro code that's sent Eyal reeling.


The model's been mugged off, after boys Adam and Charlie hatched a plan to give Dr Alex a chance with Megan. To do so, they pulled Eyal to one side to chat about stars and the universe – Eyal's favourite topic.

But while things got deep, Alex was putting it on Megan, who confessed her head was all over the place about her decision in the recoupling. Poor girl, torn between a doctor and model, who'd want that?

Fighting over the new girl once more, tonight's episode sees Eyal have a heated chat with Alex, asking for a chance with Megan because he "worked hard" to get her. Which leads us to wonder – is spending two days chatting a girl up 'working hard?'

He tells Alex: "I'm not getting angry you've just f***ed me off".

But Alex is having none of Eyal's tantrum, telling him "you're not letting me speak." It seems the doctor is finally standing up for himself and viewers will be delighted.

Eyal confesses to the beach hut: “I just feel like Alex owed it to me to come and speak to me. He’s just gone behind my back and not given me the opportunity to have my moments with her, you know. He owes me the respect to come and say it to me before he goes and does it.” Eyal must have a poor memory – seeing as he kissed Megan without Alex knowing just the day before.

Still, Adam is celebrating Alex and Megan's clandestine chat: “I’m proud of Alex. He’s ate the opportunity up tonight. He’s got a fresh hair cut, he’s changing his outfits up, he’s taking life by the balls.”

And it's all going so well – until Megan puts her foot in it, relaying the villa boys' plan to her man. Eyal tries to hide his anger with a smile, but there's a reason he's a model and not an actor.

Taking the boys back to the spot where they "mugged him off" Eyal preaches the bro code to a nervous looking Adam and Charlie, while the other boys look on, blissfully unaware.


Have Alex's actions called a day to a budding bromance? Or will Eyal forgive and forget – like the villa girls have already? Maybe he'll meditate his anger away.

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