Love Island viewers have accused Eyal Booker of "snakey" behaviour after he snogged Megan Barton Hanson right in front of his rival Dr Alex.


In a classic love triangle, Alex and Eyal are competing for Megan's attention ahead of Wednesday's recoupling, when she will choose between her two men. But Eyal found a way to gain an advantage and rub Alex's face in it.

Confronting Eyal, Alex told him: "It felt a bit rude and desperate. You came over, smooched and then walked away. I found it so disrespectful.

"I always think you treat people how you want to be treated. I wouldn’t have done it."

Defending his behaviour, Eyal said: "I didn’t see him there. It wasn’t malicious.

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"It was done for me to reassure Megan I’m into her. It was the moment we were in."

Viewers were unconvinced. Alex was RIGHT THERE.

But while Eyal may be looking for romance, he definitely isn't interested in a bromance in the villa.

He told the cameras in the Beach Hut that the show wasn't about making friends – because it's "dog eat dog".

Love Island fans are not feeling it. But perhaps karma will come around?

Even so, it's not all about Alex and Eyal. What about Megan? Did she need to go in for a second kiss?

But as people root for Alex...


...Love Island fans say Eyal would be better off with Adam, the villa's other bad guy of 2018.

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