Adam Collard is a Geordie personal trainer who describes himself as “tall”, “dark” and “in good shape”.


The 22-year-old Love Island contestant reckons his work will help him get on with the others in the villa: “I speak to a lot of new people every day through my job and so I can always relate to someone somehow.”

As a PT and gym director, Adam is very disciplined. Once, on a date, he had to “slyly text” his dad to get him to pretend he was stuck in the airport so he wouldn’t have to eat pizza with his then-girlfriend. “I was on a really serious prep for a fitness shoot… I couldn’t be near pizza,” he says. “That was the best shape I’ve ever been in at the time.”

He also has a YouTube channel where he uploads fitness videos and tutorials.

Adam's had two serious ex-girlfriends. "I've had a couple of relationships where they've been a year and a half. The one before last which was when I was younger, I did mess her about and cheat on her which caused a lot of arguments but I was a lot younger. The one I was with last, I genuinely thought at the time that I was in love with her and I was completely loyal. I still got a lot of attention but I genuinely didn't cheat."

Adam told that he has no qualms about getting amorous in the house. "I'll probably have sex on TV, but it's not that bad. You can't really see much. I'm in there for eight weeks and I'm sharing a bed with someone, so I'm not going to be surprised if something happens.

"Some of the girls might want to try before they buy."

What is Adam looking for in a girl?

Adam seems to have quite a relaxed approach to finding love in the villa. “I just want to have a good time and see what happens,” he says. “I like meeting people and talking to everybody so I think even if I do or I don’t find Mrs Right, it’ll be fine.”

He would be attracted to a “dominant girl who keeps me on my toes but who is also genuine and down to earth and who I could take home to family if I wanted to”. He “can’t stand” girls who are too materialistic or have bad teeth.

But it’s not just girls that Adam is concerned with, “I think there’ll be a bromance as much as there’ll be a romance,” he says.

Who is Adam Collard? Key facts:

Coupled up with: Rosie Williams

Age: 22

Job: Personal Trainer and Gym Director

Twitter: @theadamcollard

Instagram: adamcollard

Location: Newcastle


Love Island airs 9pm on ITV2