Apart from 'why are none of the girls into Alex?', there are a ton of questions we have when watching Love Island.


Who sends the texts to the islanders? Why do we never see them cook? How much booze are the cast given?

Below, we answer all these and more...

1. Who sends the texts to the islanders?

"I've got a text!!" rings out on a daily basis in the villa, but have you ever stopped to wonder where these mystical, faceless messages come from?

Well just outside the Love Island villa is a small production village of portacabins where the show's producers sit and monitor what's going on inside the villa. "They’re sent from the gallery control room, just over there," points out show executive Tom Gould while RadioTimes.com visits the villa. "There’s producers in there who type them out and send them in."

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Meanwhile the islanders' phones aren't linked to the internet, but they can take pictures and also slide into each others' DMs. Surely they need to be released for us all to read, right?

2. Who cooks in the Love Island villa?

Aside from the odd shopping / cooking task (who can forget Olivia and Chris arguing in a Spanish supermarket last year as its baffled proprietors looked on?) generally the islanders don't have to worry about feeding themselves. And it turns out there's a reason we never see the islanders munching on anything but cereal.

Although snacks and breakfast bits are provided, hearty lunches and dinners are taken care of by the production team. A catering tent is pitched outside of the villa, and the islanders request what they want from it. Runners then take their requests, pop outside and bring in their hot food.

3. Who cleans the villa?

Being on Love Island is essentially like staying in an all-inclusive hotel for eight weeks. Not only is all their food dished up, but the cast also don't have to worry about cleaning up or doing the laundry.

Kendall and Niall in Love Island
Kendall and Niall in Love Island (ITV Pictures)

Producer Tom explains that there are cleaners who come into the villa once a week, and who also change the bedsheets and make the beds. We dread to think what they must find in there.

4. When does Caroline Flack go into the Love Island villa?

There's absolutely no set days or times when Caroline pounces with a Flack Attack. "We’ll have an eviction on a Tuesday if we think it’s right," says head of ITV2 Paul Mortimer. "Caroline will get her passport out and fly out if there’s a reason for her to be here tomorrow."

But what you probably don't know is that Caroline heads into the villa very, very late at night.

Caroline Flack on Love Island
Caroline Flack on Love Island (ITV)

"It's usually about 1am when I walk in and 3am when I come out," Caroline tells RadioTimes.com when we chat to her in the villa ahead of the series start. "We have to wait for certain times that I can walk in. It’s really late.

"We have to wait for the public vote which usually ends and we’re an hour later here as well, and by the time we’ve done the vote, written the script and everything’s changed it’s 1am. So then I walk in – they’re really tired – and then it’s 3am."

5. How much alcohol are the islanders given?

According to the show's producers, there is no actual alcohol limit for how much booze the islanders are provided with in the villa. "We monitor things, and they can have a drink and we are really careful that they don't have too much to drink," explains Andy Cadman. "But there is no set limit. We just judge it on a case by case basis. We are responsible about it."

Eyal and Hayley on Love Island
Eyal and Hayley on Love Island (ITV)

6. How many condoms are the islanders given?

We said we'd be answering the important questions.

Before the beginning of this series, 200 condoms were put into the villa for use by the islanders which is quite a, um, generous allowance. Although as the producers and cleaners are always popping in and out of the villa, more would be provided for the cast should they run out. Which doesn't seem too likely, but it's early days yet.

And just to be really specific (and in case you were wondering...) the condoms are Love Island-branded, complete with the glittery heart logo on the front. How romantic.

Love Island condom

7. Are the islanders told what clothes to wear in the villa?

This year, clothing brand MissGuided is officially sponsoring Love Island. That means that they are providing clothing for both the male and female islanders on the show to wear on screen. Then, via the app, viewers will be able to buy the looks they see in the villa. Clever.

However, the producers were at pains to point out that it isn't compulsory for the islanders to wear the MissGuided clothes. Similarly, Rimmel make-up is left lying around for the islanders to use in a sponsorship deal, while Superdrug - who are the main sponsor of the show - supply everything from shower gel, shampoo and suncream.

8. Are people paid to be on Love Island?

Surprisingly, yes! It might seem too good to be true, but the islanders actually do get an allowance for being in the villa all summer long - mainly to cover the cost of rent, mortgages and bills back home.


Love Island airs daily at 9pm on ITV2