Tonight’s Love Island recoupling looks set to be awkward for Adam, Kendall and Rosie

Adam and Rosie kiss – but when Kendall finds out she reveals she still has feelings for him. Things are about to get very messy...

Love Island episode 5

Things between Adam, Kendall and Rosie get even messier in Love Island ahead of tonight’s first recoupling of the series.


After Adam tells Kendall that the pair are probably best as “just friends”, he has a snog at the fire pit with new girl Rosie. Perhaps unsurprising seeing as things were definitely hotting up between the two of them during last night’s episode.

But the next day, this prompts Kendall to go to Adam saying she still has feelings for him.

“Obviously I heard that last night you had a little kiss with Rosie,” she tells Adam. “I do feel gutted.”

Adam then says he still fancies Kendall, to which she replies: “Maybe this is the chance for me to tell you that I do still like you. I would like to carry on getting to know you.”

But before the recoupling can take place which will see one of the girls dumped from the island, Adam’s head is all over the place.

“Kendall’s pretty much just in two minutes probably given us more out of the whole time I’ve spent with her in the villa previously,” explains Adam. “So I mean, it took me kissing Rosie to actually spark it off.

“I like the fact that she actually came over to us and said that it upset her because now I know she actually cares. She told us pretty much everything I wanted to hear. So now it’s playing with my head completely. Because now I’m considering the both of them as options for me when it comes to recoupling.”

To further complicate matters, Eyal decides he might now have feelings for Kendall, too.

Love Island episode 5
Love Island episode 5

A preview from tonight’s episode shows Kendall and Eyal having a heart-to-heart, with Eyal later stating in the Beach Hut: “Obviously I’m attracted to [Kendall] and that’s something that interests me.”

With everyone gathered for the recoupling, Rosie, Kendall and the rest of the girls’ places in the villa are in jeopardy as after the boys choose who they want to couple up with, the single girl left will be dumped from the villa.

But who’s it going to be? readers think they already know


Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2