23-year-old model Charlie Frederick says he's a "born leader" who likes to be the centre of attention - "but not too much".


He's heading into the Love Island villa to find "the one" but he's also keen to have a bit of banter and have fun.

"I do go to the gym a lot and look after myself so hopefully people might like my body and my face, I am a model so I’m the package! I try my best," he says.

The Plymouth native isn't lying about being a gym bunny. He regularly shares videos of his workouts on his Instagram account.

Speaking of sharing, Charlie says he won't be afraid to speak his mind in the villa.

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"I am quite upfront and I will say what I think so people might not like that I’ve got a bit of a sharp tongue sometimes. If I don’t like you, you’ll probably know about it."

He's only had one serious relationship, which lasted about three years. "It has been and gone and wasn’t right at the time. She would say I was a lovely guy but it just didn’t work out. I think the same about her but it just didn’t work out at the time. He thinks the girl in question "will probably be quite shocked when she sees me walk into the villa".

What about future women, then? How does he fancy his chances with the Love Island ladies?

"I’m there to find the one. I know I’m not an ugly guy but you just don’t know whether they are going to fancy me. I’m a certain type, I’m blonde and fair. You ask a girl what her type is and they might say ‘dark, tall and handsome'."

Does he think the girls will fancy him? "Who knows. I’ll have to make them fancy me, turn up the charm and go on a date. I’ve never been in a situation where no one has fancied me but I’m not the sort of person who would notice in a bar if anyone was looking at me."

Here's hoping he's right, for his own sake.

What does Charlie look for in a girl?

Charlie would like to meet someone who could "cook, treat me nice and do nice things" and says he would "do the same for them obviously in return".

He's keen to find "someone with good banter who I can bounce off and someone who makes me want to be with them all the time". He says his ideal date would be "something simple where you can sit back, relax, get to know each other, have a few drinks at a nice bar and have a bit of fun".

He's already got his eye on a girl in the villa. "I’m going in there for Hayley because she is my type on paper and I feel like we’ll click. She hasn’t met her match yet. I can’t wait to get in there and see what rockets I can set off!"

Will Hayley feel the same way too, though?

Who is Charlie Frederick? Key facts:

Age: 23

Job: Model

Location: Plymouth


Instagram: @charliefrederick_