Love Island's lovelorn Alex is set for a major showdown with Eyal this Thursday after Megan ditched the doc in Wednesday's re-coupling.


The two Love Islanders have been at odds since Eyal snogged Megan, who Alex was coupled up with at the time, right in front of him.

Megan then doubled down on this by choosing Eyal in the recoupling on Wednesday night, and their PDAs have left Alex feeling a bit put out.

Now in the preview shown ahead of Thursday's episode, we see Alex very nearly coming across the couple in a passionate kiss once again. This is followed by a short clip of the two lads having a tense discussion in the garden.

"You're not letting me speak, you're not letting me speak," Alex says.

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"That's because the question was odd," Eyal responds.

"You're not having a conversation, you're getting angry," the NHS worker says. "You're not letting me speak."

"Because I've always been honest and open with you," Eyal says nervously.

"Do you want to try and scare me off?" Alex asks him.

The whole scenario has seen viewers turn on Megan, whom they have accused of "playing Alex and Eyal against each other" after she continued to flirt with the doctor and expressed her reservations about her decision to couple up with Eyal.

"I'm just praying no other girl comes in and gets Alex if it doesn't work out. I know it's greedy but I don't know – I'm still unsure in my head but I won't tell the boys this," she said.


Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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