Did Love Island new boy Idris get to see the episodes with Georgia and Jack’s original kiss?

What was Idris actually shown during lockdown? And has he really been a snake and lied about the kiss in a bid to break up Laura and Jack?

Idris, Love Island (ITV, EH)

The battle between Georgia and Jack over who kissed who – and whether it was on the lips or cheek, how many times and who wanted it more – has gripped Love Island viewers in recent days.


“Loyal” Georgia claims that Jack was up for the smooch, while Jack insists that he had only gone for the cheek and that Georgia went in for two on the lips. Going by the kiss that made the final cut, Jack’s testimony is definitely the one that rings true.

But as we’ve now learned, the end of the date was filmed at least twice and it’s unclear from the newly surfaced footage who instigated the unseen kiss – or if there even was one.

Even though the smooching saga drove a wedge between Laura and Jack, it was beginning to look like they would get back together. However, new boy Idris threw a major spanner in the works in Tuesday night’s episode when he rocked up, took Laura on a date, and claimed that Jack had initiated the kiss, much to the fury of viewers.

So was Idris lying when he told Laura that Jack had kissed Georgia, or had he perhaps seen the re-shot scene during his time waiting to go into the villa? While we can’t answer the second question, ITV tell us that Idris would have been able to see the original episodes where Georgia and Jack kissed while he was in lock-down.

Which implies that, yes, Idris really has been as snakey as viewers originally assumed and lied to Laura about the smooch in order to push her away from Jack and make his move.

Yep, this series of Love Island is getting brutal.


Love Island continues at 9.30pm on ITV2

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