Will the Love Island producers ever send footage of THAT kiss into the villa?

Georgia and Jack’s brief smooch has thrown the islanders into uproar – and the situation may not be resolved any time soon

Georgia Love Island

This week the Love Island villa was thrown into uproar by a simple kiss, after islanders Georgia and ‘new’ Jack shared a smooch on a date that they both remembered very differently.


With Georgia still maintaining they kissed each other (and that Jack was actually more the instigator), fans have been screaming for days for the Love Island producers to finally screen the footage within the villa. After all, if they could show Dani a video of original Jack meeting his old ex in Casa Amor to stir things up, can’t they do the same here?

Well, apparently not.

A source tells RadioTimes.com that there are no immediate plans to show the footage to anyone in the villa, with poor old Laura still left in doubt what actually happened on that date.

So at the moment, Laura and Jack’s relationship is in tatters and Georgia is still shouting down anyone who questions her “loyalty”. Meanwhile Ellie just about ready to show Gee how they sort out their differences on a night out in Newcastle, the islanders are still none the wiser about what actually happened on the date.

Jack Georgia Love Island
Jack Georgia Love Island

Of course we at home know the truth – because thanks to the magic of Love Island’s own VAR (aka “watching back the footage from the previous episode”, as demonstrated on Sunday’s episode of Love Island: Aftersun) most fans have concluded that Jack’s version of events is accurate. He went in for a cheek kiss, accidentally hit the lips then pulled away, before Georgia tried to pull him back down for another kiss.

Of course, it could be that the truth will out eventually – there are a couple of new boys coming into the villa, who might have watched the kiss on TV, or the producers could change their mind and send in the clip later – but for now, there’s no sign of this argument being solved any time soon.


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