Love Island have created a bizarre World Cup music video – despite not letting the islanders watch any of the matches

Even in the villa, it’s coming home

Jack Fincham from Love Island with England skipper Harry Kane (ITV, Getty, HF)

There are only two things absolutely everybody has been talking about this summer – the FIFA World Cup in Russia or the latest series of Love Island.


In a way, the shared popularity makes sense – both feature moments of incredible drama, surprise match-ups and incredibly fit people awkwardly wrestling with each other in front of millions – but now the two titans of public interest have come together for the first time, in a new music video released by broadcaster ITV2.

OK, we say music video. It’s basically just the scenes from a Ministry of Sound Pool Party the islanders had earlier in the week, but re-dubbed to the strains of The Lightning Seeds’ Three Lions, aka Football’s Coming Home, the unofficial anthem of the England Squad’s surprising success in the tournament.

It’s a bit random and a bit of fun, but it’s also a little ironic considering that discovered recently that the islanders currently have no idea as to England’s near-unprecedented success in the tournament, and no prospect of watching the upcoming matches.

All in all, it’s beginning to look like poor old Charlie – who was kicked out of the villa after just five days earlier in the competition – might have been the lucky one after all. He may not have found love, but he at least had something interesting to watch on TV now that he’s back in Blighty.


Love Island continues on ITV2 tonight at 9.00pm