Significant new evidence has emerged in the ongoing case of (Georgia) Steel v (Jack) Fowler.


The Love Island pair have been locked in battle over who kissed who (and how many times and why) following their date last week, with Georgia insisting that Jack instigated the smooch(es) while he – and the original footage seen by viewers – suggests he went in for a peck on the cheek which she then turned into a full-blown kiss on the lips, before going in for a second.

Wes, meanwhile, who was on the other half of a double date with Megan, says he saw the kiss and that it looked mutual to him. That's always appeared to be a blatant lie, since the original footage shows him preoccupied with kissing Megan at the same time as Jack and Georgia are locking lips.

But now eagled-eyed fans have pointed out something that could shine a new light on the case...

Two sets of footage, clearly filmed from different angles, prove that there were at least two different takes of the end-of-date kiss.

One angle – the one we've all seen – shows Georgia and Jack kissing as Wes and Megan go in for their smooch. But in the other, Megan and Wes have finished their kiss as Georgia and Jack are about to go in for theirs.

Watch the two side by side and it's clear they are different takes and that one would potentially have allowed Wes to see Jack and Georgia's kiss as he claims...

The new footage also raises a question about Tuesday night's episode.

The debate around the kiss had driven something of a wedge between the coupled-up Jack and Laura, despite her apparently accepting that he was telling the truth. But during Tuesday's show, the pair appeared to have made up – until new boy Idris took Laura on a date and told her he had seen the kiss and believed Jack had instigated it.

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At the time, viewers were outraged that Idris had told such a blatant lie in order to sew doubt in Laura's mind over Jack. But do we now have to ask ourselves whether he could have been shown only the second take of the kiss by producers and, like Wes, may believe he's telling the truth?

In short, no. asked an ITV spokesperson about this, who confirmed that Idris will have been able to watch the same episodes that viewers saw. So please feel free to resume your 'Idris is a snake' tweets immediately.

There are, however, two further items for members of the jury to consider:

  1. There was definitely a version of the snog in which Georgia pulled Jack in for two kisses on the lips so her denial that this ever happened remains extremely suspect
  2. We still haven't seen the actual kiss from the second take, so we don't know how full-on or how mutual it was or was not

Court is adjourned (for now) – please begin your deliberations.


Love Island continues at 9pm every night on ITV2