Idris Virgo, 25, is likely to ruffle a few feathers in the Love Island 2018 villa. "I know some of the girls are coupled up, like Kaz with Josh," he says, "so it would be a challenge with her but I’ll find a way of stealing Kaz because she is my type. I don’t mind stepping on people’s toes."


He's also got his eye on Georgia and Samira, and says he's looking for "a soulmate, a partner in crime, a long term partner".

Idris, who's been a professional boxer for nine years, reckons he'll stand out in the villa for his smile - "I've got a nice smile" – but he's not afraid to "tell people how it is".

For example, he once went on a date with a girl who didn't live up to her pictures, "so I told her I won’t be seeing her again and ended the date. I ended it straight away!"

What is Idris looking for in a girl?

"I need someone to push me and motivate me so it is time to find someone," says Idris. And Georgia, if you're listening, Idris claims "loyalty" is the way to his heart.

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What does Idris want to avoid? "Girls being fake is my biggest turn off and girls who are not being real."

Who is Idris Virgo? Key facts:

Age: 25

Job: Boxer

Instagram: idrisvirgo

Twitter: @Idrisvirgo


Location: Birmingham